• rahrahrah

    Thank you.

  • Faded

    Dope. Wu

  • ADLien

    wu doin it like only wu can!!!!!! this album is gonna kill anything this year

  • ADLien


    if you guys go here you can buy this track on vinyl for 50c!!! and you get a free download with it. Do it and support the Wu!


    no meth ?

  • eastpointvet

    Damn it’s a hot track whenever even ugod sounds good

  • La Verdad

    Great song to get the Wu fans and hopefully REAL hip-hop heads excited about the new album, A Better Tomorrow. Deck sounds hungry. RZA sounds like the Abbott and U-God…. Well lets just say U-God has turned it up 10,000 notches over the past few years. This dude is killing it. Although this is not the greatest Wu song ever, it is sadly better than 90% of the music coming out as I write this… French Montana? Gucci Mane? I can only imagine how many people are going to hate on this song and call them old or boring. Naive and young minded individuals this right here is PURE hip-hop. You don’t respect this you definitely do not respect the culture. Wu-Tang Forever!

  • COOL..

    REAL HIPHOP>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • Tooldforrap


  • rahrahrah

    RZA sounds like shit on this. He better get his bars up to bobby digital standards.

  • JOHNYblaze


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  • creo

    Wu tang is for kids bitch! Hope ODB on the album. hiphop need these brothers 2drop a new classic.return 2the 36chambers is a must have album for u youngstas. teach u weak bitches how 2 rhyme.



  • Talk is Cheap

    WORD! Lyrics and beats.. almost forgot you could have both on a single track! #sitdownyoungin

  • Dashing

    I love Wu but I’d love to hear them link with some other producers besides Rza, Mathematics, and Frank Dukes.

    imagine Justice League, Just Blaze, Bink production doing some Wu shit. Along with Rza and Premo. That’s some shit I would get excited about…

  • Space Ghost

    This shit is down right blood curdling. I love it! Damn, if Dr. Dre could get up off his ass and put the Billion Dollar headphones down long enough we could have Chronic Smoke and Shaolin Swords swingin’ “AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!”

  • fuck flex

    this is trash

  • Exile

    This feels good! Can’t wait for the full LP

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Dashing

    ^ Nope that would change that authentic WU sound.

  • dikapr

    damn!! this shit is dope! can’t wait for the LP!

  • Big Kyle

    Only sad thing is everybody here claiming how dope this is and this album will sell 10k first week when it should sell 200k at least first week since It’s a legendary group and actually good hip hop. Everything we all call “crap” or “bad” is the same stuff we all are buying and making #1 on the Billboard Charts, then this is way better and we won’t even consider buying it.


    kyle is right, this is fucking great wu, but because the 12 year olds aint buyin it, no one is buyin it.

    listen dudes, if you love this music, then buy this music.