• Capricorn Religion


    Your one of my 3rd Team favorites in rap. Without question very underrated. But, the “Alcohol” theme needs to switch up. Start fresh with a new title. Let this series breathe a bit and come back to it

  • Chronic


  • static

    this is what happens when you leave great producers and minds and drink too much you sound like garbage and drink too much every album title is alchohol its old..

  • Never thought I would say this… but he has fell off

  • LOL


  • Evil

    Terrible song.And im an Obie fan but this shit is weak.

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  • A1

    BME bitch!!!!! My nigga trice still got them bars

  • Exile

    I don’t get the hate, this is way better than the marshall produced stuff. Em be killing hip hop careers with his production.

  • King


  • The Wise

    Not a gret song frm obie ..he needs to start makin more personal an realistic music like his first 2 debuts..this is coming frm sumone who bought bottoms up!….he has sum good producers under his label but these beats need to be much better

  • Skib

    yal are crackheads. this shit bangs. straight up

  • Yumm

    these niggas on here like they dont know what a single is.