• 16 throw

    Shits hard.
    Smoothstreetmusic… Gotta love it

  • Jason

    this was cool

  • Ramel

    P need to stop rapping. From Top 5 in the mid-late 90’s to nursery bars, ALC beat fly as shit tho

  • LOL

    not feeling this Hipster P shit

  • Oneshoota

    This aint for everybody… This real
    Rap, street art. People to stupid out here
    Keep them bangas comin P
    One love

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  • JOHNYblaze

    HAHA! LOL at @lol thought the same thing, and definitely a fan of P, but its some filler shit type material thatll bump as stated over time on the album……

    HIPSTER P lmfao thats grown man postive energy shit……


    If u really listen to Prodigy’s verse u notice he really didnt rhyme once. WTF happened, dude must gotten raped in jail.