• Dashing

    Wow. What will come of THIS record??

    That shit cray.

  • davirus212

    Yo this could be epic

  • JB

    1st Em & Black Hippy Now This!!! FOH lol

  • Heyyoitsz

    Sick wit it!!

  • HOV


  • Faded

    YN is in this picture…under the table sucking Hov’s dick

  • Balla

    Lmao @Faded



    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’13!!!

  • king

    power circle

  • Leanin’

    @Faded is 100% correct! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • escoletsgo

    I just jizzed all over my keyboard B

  • ss

    nas gonna rip this

  • StarFox64

    eh cut jt out please..

  • Izzy_Ballin

    NaS selling out to pay his taxes and child support. SMH! And thats my fav rapper.

  • Black Shady

    Awwwwwwww shit

  • Fresh87

    @Izzy_Ballin..How is he selling out? And he payed off his tax debt!

  • TecOneNyc

    Nobody checking for YN. Cancel

  • TecOneNyc

    Jay spits a 16
    JT on the hook
    Nas spits a 16
    Tim on the boards

  • jinx

    I Cant Wait Hip Hop Winning Streak. This Year

  • They gotta go back n forth on some smith n wesson shit. Please do that. hahaa

    hit me for beats @ONEMANBEATS http://www.OneManEnt.com

  • Tev Milli

    Yea this should be hot…..
    Guessing its 4 Jay album since im seeing all theses pics of him in the stuido….
    Only time will tell….
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • @hahaha

    @faded possibly the best yn insult i’ve read on this site

  • chan

    right after the TDE/shady post! it would be dope if there was like a competition between camps like and old east coast west coast thing. now that is what the game needs

  • King E

    Nas x Jay x JT x Timbo = Savagery. I hope they make some fire in that studio.

  • cheeeese

    i wonder who album this will be on. maybe JT second 20/20? Suit & tie remix? i could fux wit it

  • JOHNYblaze

    Grown man music, for the niggas that got bills and manage to pay them off on time.

  • toad3527

    Justin Timberlake is white though

  • toad3527

    @chan man i really dont see Jay-Z as being in a camp with timbo, nas, and JT tho. maybe Jay Elect, Jay Cole, and Jay Crew

  • Damix

    Whoa. First it was a picture Black Hippy with Eminem, now this.

  • Damix

    *picture of

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Damn !!!! This is what im talkin about.

  • creo

    Great 2see hiphop legends n the studio. Would have love 2 see scarface n their wit them.

  • Kemosabi

    Lol @ faded that was mad groupieish

  • Rozay

    Because you-know-who did you-know-what with you-know-who, But let’s keep that between me and you (for now) niggas look like their about to sing weekends were made for michelob

  • ss

    nas and jay should be “Watch the throne p2”

  • TImeChange

    can only hope it sounds as good as tt should be, prolly for JT’s new album

  • toad3527

    jay and JT should make best of both worlds part 2….sike sike sike sike sike

  • Ro

    they aint doing nothing but ordering a couple of Pizzas, talking sports and what not, nothing to see here

  • Haha

    @Izzy Ballin & Rozay
    You haters stay talking about Nas’ taxes, child support & quoting old takeover lines while Nasir Jones stay styling on you haters & he will continue to do so. Nas probably LOL @ you fools still salvitating off the divorce gossip from 4 years ago & the beef from over a decade ago. Nas outsmarted all of you haters. S/O to Nas, Jay-z, Justin & Timbo…GROWN MEN!

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    NOW y’all niggas is on to something! this is some real shit about to pop off!

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    CAN we finally get a jayz and NAS collabo album WTF!


    2013 is heading in the right direction as far as music goes..just as long as YMCMB dont drop no shit, we’ll be alright

  • Don’t believe me just watch

    Jay cut his hair… So you know what that means

  • How dope to just sit in the corner and never say a word like your not in there and just soak game

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  • Check out the trailer for HazeMunny’s latest video “Get Em” coming soon.


  • Morris Day Laugh

    Nas is a cool ass dude…met him and Q-Tip in St. Maarten. Some humble brothas….I hope this turnes into a full album

  • slick

    nas should hav been in the hov and raekwon picture

  • “For some this is ‘Work’ for us it’s just Fun”

    Is that a shot at Wale in the caption?

  • Danny

    Lol @ faded think u got it correct

  • Peekay

    HAHAHA Big Homie

  • Nickey Black

    minus Justin then it’s epic

  • Awsome! Just can’t wait.

  • LikeJordan45

    Fucking ill.

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  • FTW


    Damn that’s dope.


  • Izzy_Ballin


    Bruh, I’m a NaS fan, how am I a hater? I’m not a groupie so I can disagree with my favorite rapper unlike you. You can’t go from Untitled to being on songs with JT Lake. NaS trying to go pop to pay off his taxes and pay his child support. And NaS still owes Atlanta State taxes. If you dont think Im a Nas fan go to my Tumblr damnitfeelgoodtobeagangsta.tumblr.com. You hiphop fans are corny as hell worshipping people that you dont even know.

  • Haha

    @Izzy Ballin…Nas said STFU… You don’t know him or his business. Stop feeding into gossip and the excuse of Nas doing UNTITLED & being in the studio with JT got you pissing your pants and acting like the biggest groupie of them all. Nas calls people like you FANAGERS. You are nothing more than a HATER disguising yourself as a fan because there is NO WAY IN HELL THIS PIC GOT YOU ACTING THIS DAMN EMOTIONAL OVER NAS.

  • WOW..

  • Tef

    R.I.P. to Radio and all hip hop countdowns.

  • As a nigga born and raised on that 90’s shit, it’s just dope to see those two get past the BS and just smash on records. It never gets old for me…

  • kayandgee

    this pics never come to anything, sorry to be negative