Lil Durk Arrested In Chicago

lil durk mug shot

Damn, Durk, dis ain’t what you want. But early this morning, Lil Durk was arrested in Chicago after cops saw him toss a .40 caliber gun into a car before he was approached. Durk’s been charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and is due in court tomorrow.


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  • tha OG

    Dis aint what you want !!!!

  • JOHNYblaze

    There you go buddy, lol these rappers pigeonhole themselves into situations like these, and I think they like it.

    GOOD LUCK HOMIE, I never knew why they wanna be bosses and cant have some “young boys” on deck to handle shit so that this doesnt happen.

  • djnoso


  • IamRealTalk


  • agentbravo90

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  • http://Yahoo Kaybee

    Just when my nigga started to get his shine on the hip hop popo nab him. I guess this ain’t what they want

  • Kush

    I don’t fuck with homies music but he had his little buzz going

  • Kush

    I don’t fuck with homies music but he had his little buzz going

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    If it was in NYC dude would’ve in prison.

  • Willy Lump Lump

    ChIraq….. Stay strapped..

  • djdolbydigital

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  • assmaster

    dumb fucking dickbag. he just got signed. now he does this? get the fuck out of your ghetto and move to the god damn sticks. your signed. so make something of yourself, your dumb self. dont be like chief keep whos another dumb fuck and ruin your career.

  • Carlos Reyos

    Check out the trailer for HazeMunny’s latest video “Get Em” coming soon.

  • TruthBeTold

    how do these rapper get off with this shit so lightly ??

  • kayandgee

    lil durk music goes hard, that new joint craazy, hope he makes it out

  • minneSNOWta

    i hope this stupid ass get locked up, im so sick of these fucking “rappers” getting caught up… most of these guys all suck, most people r like oh they r sooo real, sooo hard… Fuck outta here

  • LikeJordan45

    Big Homie’s grammar is atrocious

  • Peekay

    ‘after cops seen him’. Seen? Really?

  • static

    garbage news garbage rapper another nobody.

  • How Wonderful…

    Damn. I actually like Durk. Dis aint what you want is right….hopefully he can beat the charges.

  • yoyoyoyoyo

    now when chief keef buzz started to go away lil durk been getting more and more shine. and then this happends……. wtfffffffffffffffffffffffff lol dumbass nigga should move away from places where he feels he need to be strapped in public? damn cant def jam move them out to nice places lol

  • yoyoyoyoyo

    this is the second time last year he got locked up for a gun aswell

  • The Other P

    “In the streets without your gat? Naw nigga you tripping”
    “Never the pad without packin a gun.”


    thats what his dumbass get

  • Mark Byrd

    Man…. this is sad… as far as homie tellin him to get out his ghetto…. in most cases the money aint comin like you think so these guys are sometimes forced to stay there. Secondly I’m from Chicago and man when you out there like they were havin a strap is common carrying courtesy like an ID card. It’s funny he just spoke about this in a song and it happened…. makes you think…. *cues Feds takin pictures*

  • monta ellis

    good…another idiot off the streets.