• westside ryderz

    FUCK all DEM GAY-TOWN niggaz , Fuck dem all

  • King Chandler

    This is my joint, can’t wait for Dro’s new shit to drop.

  • lickit

    i really hate this flow…damn u future!!!!

  • The truth

    Good song with a good video to match! Even better that they all stood on they own without Tip I’m fucking with hustle gang I hope they put out a video for Kemosabie

  • Sgt.Pepper

    young dro is so ass….how do you go from having a big song, to nothing…for years. This fool is a waste of resources. Every other rapper could doggy paddle around this lame & still win.

  • dll32

    could see me rockin to this in a club. dro is kewl

  • Lightsaber Leg


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  • HK

    Dope. Redbone w/ red shorts >>>