• Lil Majer The Cartune

    Why does this nigga still rap? Has he ever did decent numbers with anything he’s put out? He has zero personality, his raps never have a catchy rhythm, he has no charisma, his style is unorthodox and he always looks sh**ty… Ugh, I can’t…

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  • Strong Johnson

    I don’t usually hate but go away nigga… & take Dwight Coward wit ya… 2 tight clothes wearing weirdos

  • c

    wow this is so bad it’s embarrassing

  • Los

    why is he claiming vice lord now?

  • He actually gangstafied the track, I thought it wasn’t that bad

  • Mic Tyson

    Aye who’s out here gasin’ Jim up? Who tellin’ this nigga to get in the booth….and then who’s approving the shit that when he steps out that booth? Yes men thats who! Niggaz love, just absolutely love stroking they own ego! So much so they’ll surround themselves with yes men who just nod in support of straight bullshit…..Jimmy you way, wayyy, wayyyyy past ya expiration date my nigga! Just hang it up and go do something….oh and that whole “vamp” shit is sad, you like 48yr old still running around hustling and strugglin like a teenager?

  • Jacob

    Shit who let this nigga on the mic, im sick of this dudes shitty remixes like how he did powder trip for j coles song he needs to fire all his yes men, smh… shits ridiculous

  • 456 headCrAcK
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  • pptheTRUTH

    Damn this ain’t haf bad.. It has to do with the factthe beat is nice anyways but still.. You won’t like this shit if you like the new happy rap like wacklemore wac miller and shit.. This is that hustler get money shit.. This dude used to be huge into coke.. You won’t like it if you have never been one of the millions in the drug game that this appeals too and the rap game used to appeal to.. Now the rap game appeals to the emo fall out boy throw away fans.. Rap as a whole ain’t for my kind anymore..

  • Dipsetalldayeveryday

    F**k You Dumb Nigs Jones Get It Money Maker Your Girl Will suck that dick till it dry joooones capo status

  • Evil

    That shit was terrible.LOL

  • real


  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    Jim jones came off the block now doing something positive.

  • Devante

    Which rapper is doing a better job at stretching their career out from having one hit song? Jim Jones or Soulja Boy?

  • Kemosabi

    I almost can’t believe how much worse this guy got. I didn’t think that was possible. He’s like that guy you can’t believe is still in the league…on some bench.

  • Biggavelli

    Max B Killed this guys career a long time ago.

  • Yardee
  • asmodeus ashmadi

    WOW SMH. And somebody please tell this nigga to stop wearing shirts that tight its clouding his thoughts. This nigga bugging!! I like the hook though.

  • cobi

    Cuz is too old to be still a bottom feedin MC …this is sad… jim jones is stuck in that lil wayne mix tape 05′ era… that’s done… we want classic albums… ya bish

  • Shamelwatson

    That powder trip is going up in his nose,if he cook its going inside a cocaine glassdick