A$AP Rocky Charged For Assault


Well here’s another fuckin’ problem for A$AP. TMZ reports he’s been hit with a misdemeanor simple assault for allegedly slapping a female fan during this weekend’s Made In America festival.

We know … the alleged victim, a young mom, filed a criminal complaint with the District Attorney’s Office today claiming she was attending the Made In America concert on Saturday when the rapper got violent.

The woman claims A$AP was trying to make his way through a crowd of dancing fans — with a bunch of girls pulling on his shirt — when A$AP turned and fired off an open-hand slap, connecting with her face. The woman claims she was injured from the alleged slap — suffering whiplash from the impact.

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  • Junior

    wow that poor girl. not really

  • fh

    This lame hitting girls

  • Sin

    he slappin’ bxtches tho??? lmfao

  • Ridalen


  • C lil daddy

    I luv hittin bitches that’s my fuckin problem

  • dickinyamom

    I’m Rick James bitch

  • wow

    lol…. str8 pimpin

  • Word

    Whiplash huh?

  • Really now

    Can’t get whip lash from a one direction slap lol.

  • Black Shady


  • ihopesheboutit

    bitches want equality? there you go

  • Kid

    Shouldna been pulling on his shirt lol

  • Check A$AP out on the Red Carpet at MTV Video Awards if you missed him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4E4OC_-mds

  • Nathaniel

    of all the crowds this nigga done navigated with people pulling on his clothes, this is the day he decides to slap a girl?

    shit don’t add up. it’s obviously more to the story.

  • Nathaniel

    “a young mom.” see how they try to make the shit sound extra heinous. like her having a child is relevant to any of this.

  • DMVinyourchick

    I mean I don’t think the nigga would slap her for no reason, if he did slap her it definetly wasn’t just for pulling in her shirt or it coulda been an accident

  • You can suffer whiplash from a slap? It’s not like he did it intentionally either. He’s walking through a mob grabbing at him. Leave ASAP alone.


    Suffered WHIPLASH from the IMPACT a the Slap
    Straight Thunder SLAPPED that bitch…….”whiplash” ahhhhhhhashahahahahahahahahahahahahha
    I bet thats the sound it made when he connected with that pimp hand “whip-lashhh” ahahahahahha

  • Spellz

    What would you say if it he slapped your sister or your girl? I pray he slaps the wrong girl and she knocks the fronts out his moufffffffff. Fuck yall’s ignorance man.

  • Spellz

    It is dope to see support for bisexual rap artists tho, so that I respect.

  • Carolyne1JBurgess

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  • creo

    Bitch lying thirsty bitch trying 2get paid like always. give the bitch a drank lol cnt trust what a bitch say EVER!

  • Anthony45

    Man this bitch lying. You know damn well she didn’t no whiplash. Trick Thirsty for some money.

  • T.P.G

    *hint hint* she wanna sue!

  • MrHeat

    Ahaha a wimp-lash from Rocky LMFAO

  • Belly

    Lol I was there and saw him as he walking through the crowd. Had I camo scarf to hide his face i think. Girls was most def grabbing at him. He seemed ok about it tho. Happened during 2 chainz

  • RealityCheck

    He did this shit before when he reached up and slapped ol girl in the stands a while back right? Niggaz a hoe for real.