Drake: Nothing Was The Same


Yeah he sings. And guess what he raps even better. Aubrey “Drake” Graham is an anomaly. A Black Jew from Toronto Canada who after years of hard work has become the #1 artist in the game. Forget waiting for a naysayer’s acceptance, Drizzy keeps evolving and Nothing Was The Same is his strongest collection of tunes to date. Yup, it’s better than Take Care.

You should have known. He warned you this past February when he dropped the year’s best rap tune “Started From The Bottom,” that the kid from Degrassi wasn’t playing no games. Track two here best displays his duality. “Furthest Thing” starts with a heavy breezy melody before morphing into a Jake One-traditional banger that’ll ensure that the backpackers will stay on the bandwagon. “I had to Derrick Rose the knee up before I go the re-up,” he snaps with utter confidence.

Yes the sometimes laughingstock of social media proves he ain’t no joke. Yeah Drake’s a nice guy but you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. He points his fingers at his detractors on the boastful defiant bounce of “Worst Behavior”. Then he annihilates them on the glorious “The Language”. “I don’t know why they been lying but your shit is not that inspiring,” he punctuates before proclaiming, “I got to kill off the weak shit that’s got all you niggas excited.”

Ladies will be enticed by the sultry “Own It”. They’ll get their Jhene Aiko on and sing “I love me enough for the both of us” on the tenderly-vulnerable “From Time”. And I’ve yet to meet a member of the female species not enamored with Drake’s biggest hit to date, the Majid Jordan-assisted “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” See you at the alter, boo.

The only tune here that feels like a fail to me is the bad night at the strip club-sounding “305 To The My City”, but hey nobody’s perfect. Drake told us to wait on it and it was well worth it. In one of hip-hop’s most competitive years, Drizzy leads the pack and proves he’s a rap star in his prime with potential for further greatness. Shit, “Too Much” deserves its own Grammy and I’m sure Drizzy will be around a decade from now and more. You see for the boy with the clouds behind him, the sky’s the limit.—YN

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  • Brown Sparta

    You’re right, “Too Much” deserves multiple awards that song is more honest than Future’s album.

    • B.Dot

      Too much is fire

    • KC

      Too Much is dope!

    • alex

      Your comment deserves an award of its own too. More honest than future’s album #Punchline…

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    The language, Furtheset thing, and worst behavoir are great and show just the range of hip hop drake can offer

  • Mia

    Drake is the king. He lead his on lead. No One can matches His versatility

  • @Killah_Bee23

    YN you’re trippin with that ‘305’ joint. That shit plays perfectly after The Language

  • BlackGod

    he def could’ve did better,i like his mixtapes better than this album

    check out reverbnation/crownking

  • Wolf

    I like NWTS but I don’t Love it. Played this album a little too safe imo and came pretty light on the bars. No verse really jumps out at me, just a few one liners here and there. All in all still a dope peoject. Not too many songs u have to skip. Good for a long drive


    Album of the Year so far. Obviously. The best song is pretty much every song.
    I’m just a realist.


    BLACK EBERT aka Always Right Muhfuckas

  • LordO

    Album of the year. Nothing short of what was expect from Drake. He has those classic Drizzy reflective tracks aswell as muliple club bangers. Expect him to reign over the radio tip his next album.

    • LordO


  • KC

    I’ve been a Drake fan since “replacement girl” back in 06 and I have all his mixtapes and albums. This album to me was ok. The outro of “Furthest Thing”, Too Much”, “Pound Cake” and the intro were all dope to me but as a whole it’s in my opinion his worst album

  • Da Business

    NWTS is dope, no doubt about it. But YN, c’mon b, better than Take Care????? Stop it sir.

  • DeVante’ Higgins

    Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2 >>>>>

  • Buzz is dead.

  • Josh Mentals

    I can’t compare this album to take care. They sound completely different to me. But listening to this album made me realize take care was a fucking classic. If Take Care is indeed better than this album, it’s not by much. His combination of singing and rapping got better with his introduction of various flows. Even hating Wutang forever, I ended up liking the song strictly for the bars. First Drake album I can play front to back. 305 to my city is a fucking smash. Stop being silly yn.

  • Arbitr^rY^[email protected]

    seems drake got nothing left to say…shrugs….in truth its mostly fluff & cliche rap…DEF not better than “Take Care” #YNLeadsAstrayAgain

  • Aqua

    This needs to be the number 1 album instead of number 2

  • newflynation

    newflyg feat tabi booney dope song a must listen