Drake ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Goes Platinum

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That Was Fast. 

It’s only been a month since its release, but Drake’s third album Nothing Was The Same has crossed the one million mark. According to Hits Daily Double, the LP sold approximately 38,274 copies this week. This marks only the second rap album released this year to go platinum. Finally tally tomorrow.

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  • JuJu

    really fast…definitely will hit 2x platinum

  • Devon AKA D Menyce

    Turn up my nigga bussin moves. Let me produce your next album #ATM #ALwaysThinkingMajor

  • LikeJordan

    That actually wasn’t fast considering dude sold 700,000 the first week and saw a 78% drop off the next week.

    • E G

      You have to consider that it leaked 9-10 days prior to the release.. and sorry I hate to play up the overhyped drake vs Kendrick thing but just as an example Kendrick’s album just recently went platinum… it’s been out for a year.. i’m not trying to say drake is the best blah blah blah but i’m just saying take that as an example of how long it can take to go platinum vs how long this took

      • Fistacuffs

        It’s also Drake’s 3rd album. GKMC was Kendrick’s first.

        • JuJu

          Kendrick’s 2nd album…Kendrick has actually released more projects (tapes, albums, EPs) than Drake has up to this point….

          • Fistacuffs

            I meant first major label album. With proper marketing and funding behind it.

          • My

            Actually so cringy worthy to compare to Drake nd feel sorry for the guy career becuz another new guy will come along next year and he will be forgotten. They did with J Cole blah. if he was any good why ppl didnt notice before when releasing projects after one he was even rick rolled on youtube but suddenly after control verse…poor thing. Congrats Drake thats how you do it. CONSISTENCY

          • E G

            You’re right about it being Drake’s 3rd album but I don’t think he’s getting enough credit for how each album garner’s more buzz, more sales.. The way the hip hop industry has been the last few years is that basically someone drops a hot album it does decent but then that artist declines slowly… I think there’s something to be said about how Drake has topped each of his previous first week sales…and lets not forget the tour he’s headlining arenas giannnnt venues his club paradise tour after Take Care was the highest grossing hip hop tour of that year.. I mean how many other rappers can do big venues besides Jay Em Kanye Lil wayne ? I know I sound like a stan but what i’m trying to say is that people don’t give him enough credit for his success and his consistency

          • JuJu

            I agree. He’s the top dog without a question.

        • It’s Just Music

          isn’t an artist debut album supposed to be the most anticipated one? Your argument doesn’t help Kendrick at all.

          • Fistacuffs

            Anticipation doesn’t mean it will sell. So your argument is invalid. After 3 albums your fan base is considerably more, therefore sells more.

          • Jace

            Drake’s first album went platinum quicker than Kendrick’s

          • ক্তshannon

            “drakes first album sold quicker than kendricks” you sound dumb im so tired of people being caught up on sales when this is hip hop kendricks first album easily solidified him as a great and soon to be legend it is compared to illmatic and reasonable doubt like come on give my dude some credit a good 80% of hip hop fans are hype beast that cling to who evers hot . not knocking drake but i wouldnt compare sing about me to anything on drakes recent albums because he never gets that deep or has that much insight on any situation he talks about lets be real kendrick is a poet in all aspects he makes great music that has a greater concept than anything drake talks about. im sounding biased but im not i am a drake fan but look at the success of this mans first main stream album vs. drakes lol what it shouldn’t be a question just think of where he’ll be when he’s on the third the fact that kendricks even being brought up in the conversation is saying something its only the mans first mainstream

      • Word

        GKMC when platinum in June, 8 months from release. Plus with a lesser 1st week (241k vs 658k). The fact GKMC went platinum in 8 months is incredible because look at dudes like Ross or Cole who debut with around 200k consistently. Ross never been plat and Sideline Story been out for 2yrs and isn’t plat yet. Drake going platinum is impressive, but we knew he would after selling 650k first week. Going from 241k to 1mil in 8months is more impressive, in my opinion, because its a harder climb.

        • E G

          I do feel like I’m feeding into the drake/kenrdrick “beef” hype when I used Kendrick as an example it was just the first thing that popped up into my head… I think GKMC will win best rap album at the grammy’s. with NWTS as a runner up.. but me personally I’m more into Drake’s music but again all that stuff is up to the listener
          so you’re definitely right Kendrick earning that platinum status it is a big deal but what i’m trying to say is that drake gets a lot of hate online but not enough credit for what he has achieved these last few years.. Ross is one of those ppl who is on a decline puts out hot material at the time but doesn’t evolve I mean how much can you rap about maybach’s before people get bored
          one thing I think anyone can agree with is that Kendrick has emerged out of the pack (wale cole a$ap) as someone who will come up to Drake’s level.

          • Word

            100% agree with that last sentence! Boy, I thought Kendrick would NEVER blow after hearing Section.80. Amazing album but WAY too dense and hard to digest for normal audiences. The fact he pulled away from Wale and Cole (Cole who had waaaayyy higher expectations, but remains solid), its a great sign of things to come. 2014 should be fun.

        • Chuck729

          Ehhhhh….Kendrick ok I guess. But he doesn’t amount to Drake tho. I feel the main reason Kendrick is popular cuz he’s from Compton. A lot of the greats of hiphop was from there. Such as : Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, Easy – E, and most importantly 2pac. Etc. but I’ve heard so damn much of Compton stories. Not that I don’t respect em, just tired of em. But Drake came up wit different styles and ways to rap. He creates a whole other type of music. I respect kendrick, believe me, but I think Drake will always be better than him. Sorry

          • Da Business

            Cube, Snoop, and PAC r not from Compton…

    • JuJu

      it was fast…

    • tlox

      Kanye and J Cole album been out since June and they haven’t gone platinum so shut the fuck up

    • kdot

      Here you go LikeJordan…
      This is from Billboard
      “Additionally, taking only six weeks to achieve the milestone, Drake’s album is the fastest rap set to reach 1 million units sold this year. Jay Z’s “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” previously held the honor at 12 weeks. The year’s two other million-selling rap albums took considerably longer: Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid, m.A.A.d city” (43 weeks) and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “The Heist” (46).”
      Give the kid credit when its due

  • Oii

    King!!! They keep talking nd bringing you down but you keep winning nd eyes on your craft. stay true

  • Joe

    King Drizzy

    • Don Piggletiff

      this shit is wickity wack yo

  • drewsmit24

    anybody still listening to that shit? on dat new bronson and banks

    • LikeJordan

      Word life

    • JuJu

      yep…and thousands are still buying….

    • haann

      Been bumping it since the day its leaked..





  • Sean Power

    the most over hype album of the year, and the buzz fade very quickly too

    • JuJu

      it’s not fading at all…

      • tlox

        AT ALL!!!

        • Sean Power

          what track is anyone talk about are even care about and lets not bring up hold on

          • tlox

            furthest thing, tuscan leather, own it…EPIC songs…

          • Sean Power

            2 songs on album make it great ? the album fade after the 1st week that it had 80% sell after the 1st week

  • Deandre Fields

    Never post on rap blogs, but I’ll make an exception for my slime Drizzy. Thank Me Later, Take Care, & Nothing Was The Same all went platinum. I bought all three the first week. I also own and listen to all three previous mixtapes Room For Improvement, Comeback Season, and So Far Gone. I’m proud of homie. People can say what they want, but those numbers don’t lie.

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    mean while french montana sits at 100k sold

    • Snake

      Fuck French Montana hate him with a mothafucking passion

  • sway-z

    50 is the one that got you niggas so focused on sales, and he was only talking about that because he knew lyrically trying to compare himself with the other NY greats wasn’t going to work. He had to make a lane somehow to prove to his fans and the media that he was good and belonged in the conversation (even though it didn’t prove shit, or he’d still be making noise now, and I like 50, we’re just talking strictly skills)

    So it’s cool Drake sold records, he sings, he’s supposed to do that. But using it as some measure for who’s nice is a waste of time. Hammer & Vanilla Ice should be in your Top 5 if that’s the case…

    • raytarded

      so u trynna say that Drake ain’t lyrically better than 90% of these rap niggas of today? Keep it 100, despite the fact that he makes a lotta pop records, bar-for-bar he’s nicer than a lotta these niggas.

      • sway-z

        He has a better flow than most of these dudes (which isn’t saying much either) but lyrically he’s not all that crazy. And I’m NOT trying to shit on his success at all. But when I come in here and all I see is niggas making comparisons to who sold what, we’re missing the point entirely on what Hip Hop is about and what being nice really means

    • JuJu

      corny that people always bring up vanilla ice and hammer, but the thing is, they both have records still being played today worldwide…

      • sway-z

        It’s not corny, it’s real. If niggas is gonna put so much stock into record sales then yeah, them two should be on everyone’s All-time list.

        Being great, at least what it used to be, meant having EVERYTHING. Classic albums, skill in various categories not just one or two, and then having album sales on top of all that. He might be the best to you right now, but is that saying more about him or this era?

    • JuJu

      it’s not just the record sales though, Drakes been selling out arenas for years now, headlining…#1 records…has controlled the radio for years….etc, etc, etc…..

  • GreenBergs

    lol eminem is automatically gonna sell a mill within 2 weeks, even with the frisbee he released today…

  • haann

    Drake the king of hip hop right now. period.

    • Levvi

      Because his third album went platinum? I think not!

      • Sonny Tutimez

        Yeah because all of his albums are out selling everybody else..so from a major artist outlook he is the biggest thing out right now

      • Emily

        ALL his albums went plat.

  • haann

    I think the contradiction of drake getting the most online hate out of any rapper but selling the most records yearly out of any rapper by far is interesting, it goes to show that alot of the internet hate is merely just internet hype that doesnt really materialize into anything in the real world, hes the hottest rapper out with the highest record sales and the biggest 41 city arena concert of the year, The internet drake haters dont exist in real life. pretty funny

    • Dot Jones

      no the internet haters are real … it makes sense to me, the person with the most fans will also have the most haters, it used to be wayne , you’d be on any site and the wayne haters would be tearing him apart ! but the records were selling like crazy, he was on everyone’s song, all over the radio , awards, just in general winning , even lebron james in basketball, he has the most fans … so he also has the most haters, at the end of the day as an entertainer, you wanna be polarizing, you want everyone to feel sum typa way, b/c they are aware , whether they’re fans or haters, it’s more power b/c they wake up and you’re on their mind in their world … sorry i dont be tryna go in lol i just keep typing ! i’ll end it now, but there’s more …

  • Da Business

    Props to Drake, lp is dope. I still feel that “Take Care” was a better joint though.

  • nirusxhonda

    what can you say dude can sell he sing for the females and rap for the niggas not a big fan but good for him

  • Ro Ro

    Yall better salute Drake for going Plat this quick!

  • Neal
  • Adam Arsenal

    Well done Drake. Pissing all over the game right now.

  • Abe6772

    Damn, just two (about to be three with Em’s new album) to hit the million mark? Says a lot about the state of rap right now.

  • ErightoustheProphet

    To stay relevant you have to sale
    To stay relevant you have to sale
    I say again to stay relevant you have to sale
    Mass appeal is just that. The album has an mass appeal to a broad audience. Take the pieces that you find appealing and listen to it. All these blogs allow people to say and quote whatever on their mind, which is mush or some random thought that did not take in intellectual stance. I say Drake do your thing and live your life. People will always hate when you figure out an formula first and others can’t follow it.

    • Jerm

      The word is “sell”, you had three opportunities to get it correct and failed on all counts.

      • tlox

        u wrong for that…lol

  • ✞rill ☪osby

    Who else went platinum this year? Magna Carta?

    • kdot

      here is a quote from billboard

      “Additionally, taking only six weeks to achieve the milestone, Drake’s album is the fastest rap set to reach 1 million units sold this year. Jay Z’s “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” previously held the honor at 12 weeks. The year’s two other million-selling rap albums took considerably longer: Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid, m.A.A.d city” (43 weeks) and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “The Heist” (46).”

  • Wavpin

    not a surprise …

  • wizzy

    Mc hammer is the highest selling rapper, he sold three times what drake did so I’ll crown him king of hiphop

  • waka

    Drake goes platinum thats more money for weezy and ymcmb gang. After that then baby and cash money gets there’s and after that the parent company of cash money probably universal or so gets there’s too. After that drake has to refund all the labels expenses invested in him for touring and album promotion, lawyers etc
    so when its all said and done the real gys that went platinum is lil Wayne and baby, drake needs to get outta his deal quick.

    • NoNoNav

      Drake has a DISTRIBUTION deal through Universal. He keeps most of his record sales revenue.

      • tlox

        lol…PLUS rumors go that Drake has the BEST contract on YM cause they NEED him to say

        • bdots durag

          I hope those rumors are true because he really is the best thing on YM right now.. he deserves a good contract… look at the numbers he’s putting up and filling giant arenas for his tour.
          Nicki may make more money than him but it isn’t from music … YM needs those two to stay a float

  • RIV

    Damn…that’s big and you know it! (drake voice)….come check out the new music video “The Good Die Young 2K13″ in 720/1080p HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vp8lj_Smpw


    Congrates for Drizzy…keep it goin’…xoxo

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    IG: endlessambition_streetwear

  • Mpho Abrams

    Is anyone really surprised?

    • tlox


  • cashcow223


  • BoB

    The great drake

  • Chuck729

    I’m a huge fan of Drake. I love his new album. But I don’t consider it as much of a “Re-Up” of his last album “Take Care”. But I see why. Cuz Drake is feelin really comfortable at the status he’s in right now. He’s know for being one of the hottest artists out. He’s had such an amazing accomplishment from his last album, he won a Grammy for it. He’s so amazed of how famous and popular he is right now, that he feels he doesn’t need to make a Re-Up. He just feels that he wants to continue making music. Drake is killing the game right now. And I guarantee u that he will win that “Best Rap Album” Grammy again twice in a row! #OVO