New Music: Future Ft. Miley Cyrus x Mr.Hudson “Real And True”


Future Hendrix.For the second leak off Future’s sophomore album Honest, he snags Miley Cyrus and G.O.O.D. Music bench warmer, Mr. Hudson. Produced by Mike Will Made It, the video is set to premiere this Sunday. Check out the trailer here.


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  • past

    really? fucking really?

    im sorry but whoe ever fucks with future must be tone deaf. seriously this guy does NOT make good “music”. not that you could even call it that.

    • Tryingtobehappy

      if drake put this out instead, people would be saying it’s awesome

      *random high thought

  • LuxuryRap


  • Dj Boogernose

    This will be on the radio mark my words

  • Nigger fart

    Best song he could ever have come out with.

  • ganggang

    Future aint the best singer but he’s a great songwriter haters gon hate but real niggas who listen 2 the words will rocc with it

    • Makaroni

      nigga?…listenin to the words now define a real nigga?…nigga plea’

  • Rapgod

    Miley’s voice is fucking annoying.Mr Hudson is the only good thing abt this song

    • Tryingtobehappy

      everything about her is annoying

  • Chronic

    Not gonna lie I got a damn good laugh out of the GOOD music benchwarmer comment

    • Tryingtobehappy

      he dope a’f though. and 100x more talented then whoever the fuck wrote that. Fuck RR, hating ass bloggers lol

      • Tryingtobehappy


        • Tryingtobehappy

          oooh it was Dot. didn’t ebro put this guy in his place already

      • Chronic

        Yea just to clarify I think mr Hudson has a good voice, but he had that feature on Blueprint 3 and I haven’t hear like a single thing since.

        • Tryingtobehappy

          i feel you, idk why he doesn’t put more work out. you should check out his stuff w/ Travis Scott or Kanye

          • Chronic

            I’ve listened to some of the stuff with kanye, it’s definitly good

  • b dot ain’t shit

    fuck off bdot

  • carl grimes

    trash song . he just keeps getting worse

  • Danial Parsa

    Just seeing the name of miley cyrus is enough to make me understand this song is wack as fuck

  • truth

    these comments are trash. Give the music what it deserves. Set your egos aside, forget who these people are for one second and hear the music. Regardless of these 3 people this is good music.

  • truth

    Give props where its do and stop wasting your breath and time on negativity sheesh. 1 love

  • mrholloway

    This is a huge record…damn. Top 40 look out…fuck everything else. A-Town!

  • mrholloway

    This is a huge record…damn. Top 40 look out…fuck everything else. A-Town!

  • Chronic

    Not gonna lie, this wasnt that bad…for once miley actually seemed like a legit artist, not some girl trying to get attention by shaking her non-existent ass