• recordpusher

    Appreciate the links…

    Please through up a download if you can.

  • dave

    i was listening to it on the radio.stuff like this really make me love and appreciate hip hop so much more

  • 3rdRail

    Awesome history lesson right here folks. It’s worth your time to listen to.

  • http://illstreetgrooves.com Ill Street

    Uncle Red!

  • abrooklyn

    bill was from brooklyn? no wonder that nigga bugged out!!!

  • Ali87

    Legendary mix!

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  • Neal
  • http://www.charlesbronson.com/ Black Bronson

    Hip hop is getting old man. Peep at Red Alert. Wow. I’d love to see him spin. It would look crazy look at a man that looks 67 years old cutting and scratching.