New Music: DJ Kay Slay Ft. Fat Joe x 50 Cent “Free Again”

DJ Kay Slay's "Street Sweepers Volume II: The Pain From The Game" Release Party


Bet you didn’t see this coming. Now that Kay Slay and Fat Joe have reconciled, The Drama King keeps the good vibrations going by uniting Crack and 50 on the same song. The track is produced by Street Runner and will appear on Slay’s upcoming album Rhyme Or Die. Good thing all partiers chose the former.


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  • Rufus Buck


    • majormar

      He should have done this in 03… yeah 11 years ago.

      • Jazzpp

        Who cares?The song is hot.Enjoy the music and stop all he should have done this before…Track is dope admit it…

  • Montana

    50 the greatest of all time

  • Cartune

    WOW! This IS what we needed! A third verse featuring Nas would’ve been even more epic on this! Very solid track none the less though!

    On a side note, it’d be a dream come true to hear Fif and Game reunite again, too bad that’s not happening. smh

    • Tushawn Bundy Stewart

      I can see fif and game reuniting again honestly i think it will be sooner than we think !

  • rawrap

    Crack NEW YORK IS BACK! !!!!

  • static

    Unity is what made hip hop work fuck the beef this real hip hop sound…..

  • truthhurtsgayassniggas

    “It’s an anthem when I rant, fuck you think I am Kanye? I had them wearing vests now these niggas wearing dresses” – 50 Cent

    • Craig

      and he still rapping about money an talking about busting guns, and this is coming from a fan who says 50 is his favorite rapper. I’m tired of gun an drug mindless hiphop. But overall the track is good and the beat is fire, stop putting great rappers down to big up relics of the past, time waits on no one in HipHop unless your Jay Z an for that to happen u still have to sell your own people out..

  • real musuc

    thats so true……..niggas wearing dresses…..c.o’s turned fabricated mafioso drug lords…..cornballs….imposters clogging up the culture.

    we need autentic real rap back…this is the start…..track hard.

    return of the real shit…….

    nomore ross,khaled french diddy lil wayne kanye garbage.

    • majormar

      Ross and lil Wayne always was better rappers than 50. Diddy and kale getting money on positive vibes n music. And Kanye been that nigga on da mic and beats making. Stop hating on one another that’s Wats wrong wit our race. Shout out to 50 cent too. He fell off because he was on some fuck everybody shit. Look how far it got him went from top 10 to not mentioned at all.

      • real rap over fake

        ross and wayne are a pair of phony gangsters who have embarrased hip hop and made it okay to be fake and survive in the rap game. they can rap but does that make it okay.
        just say ross got exposed for being a pedophile… that okay cuz he can rap good? make believe fantasy tales.
        people gave the clowns passes….they getting phased out now.

        the real rap is back.

        young money mmg and we the best are done. face facts.

        ross and mmg are only a twitter and blog buzz anyway at this point.

        its over.

        • majormar

          That’s yo opinion. 50 damn sure not buzzing. He couldn’t sell out a 10,000 seat arena. Can’t even play no songs of his n da club. Ross ain’t no pedophile y would u even put that on him.

          • Tushawn Bundy Stewart

            Lmao u stupid 50 sold out arenas a-hole !!!! Its not about how relevant u are now its your catalog and 50′s catalog is prolly bigger than your favorite rappers there for he will always sell out shows! All he gotta do is perform all his songs off “get rich or die trying” and the arena will sell out in hours! Smh u must be sick in the head!

          • Ghost

            WTF are you talking about? Do you know how many World Tours 50 and G-Unit have been on? More than Jay Z and he admitted that. I swear you niggas funny as shit

    • Craig

      KRS ONE still rapping and TEACHING, but no one is supporting, so whats the problem? Yall just love brainless shit like chief keef

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    50 Cent is washed up and hung to dry.

    • Chachi

      Go listen to Lil B or Riff Raff then fuckboy

    • NYC!

      Put the pipe down homey…GGGGG GGGG G-UNIT!!!!

  • twin

    This joint is pure fireeee sounds like they went into a hip hop time machine until 50 said kanye and dresses …………………o yeah kevin gates up next p.s. twinizlar from the dmv u know me bitch

    • Real talk

      How Kevin gates up next when he not even in the league, he’s not even playing college ball. He at the park with an ok jump shot, no disrespect tho but nigga be foreal

  • Sean Power

    haha 50 cent real doing anything to get back a buzz in rap again
    go 50 call buck and game start back g unit

    • DG

      Yeah he needs them cuz Game’s last album went Copper.and Buck is so desperate that he is adding his vocals to 50′s tracks just to get some attention

      • Sean Power

        remind what 5o cent last album was ? how many time has been push back?>

  • Public Hairs

    50 delivered an incredibly solid verse. Looks like this buddy/buddy shit makes him hungrier.

  • Guthavizion

    Fire this is what ny is suppose to sound like stop sounding like atl

  • Hussle

    whoaaaaaa. this is super dope

  • v.s.

    #50season has begun ….. man 50 spitting that shit. YALL CAN HOP BACK ON THE BANDWAGON NOW

  • OcelotDME

    good shit!!!! kinda wish it was longer

  • WES


    • Craig

      true, no conscious progression and the sad thing is hes a 100 mill black man.

  • bcro30

    LOL at the haters. You know damn well this is what NY should sound like. Maino needs to take notes. I’m from VA and grew up listening to all sounds of hip-hop, this that ny feel. great beat by the way.

  • Jazzpp

    Dope shit…Banger…

  • yeezus

    I wan this nigga to get back into the mainstream again. He still got it and better than most these new niggas

  • Rumando

    Funny how any song on this site attached with 50 Cent’s name gets more views than any other song by any other artist but some say he’s irrelevant. This is fire but HATERS won’t even admit it. Kudos to Joe and Fif

    • Dre Neal

      Because they really dont wanna see 50 win and his relevence isnt perception the people are still interested in him and nobody can stop that

      • AMTM25


        • Sean Power

          maybe people click hoping for the best but listen and leave disappointed so buzz dies and his album gets push back

  • LOL

    long overdue but it’s that NY bop we all love.

  • Broski 3000

    Ok Ok!!!! Im fuckin wit dis!!!!!!

  • Dre Neal

    Man I Told Niggaz You Cant Neva Count 50 Out Aint Nobody Really Talking Bout Joe Even Though His Verse Is Hot Everybody Focused On 50! This Shit Is Crack! I Smell The Craziest Comeback Ever About To Happen!!

  • $ Shot

    Now, if only Fif would put that Goddam album!!!

  • inf

    Type of shit I was raised off! 80s baby..

  • barbie

    how can elliott only put this at no 3 come on man we know you hate 50 but this is big chris lighty would be proud

  • kanye west

    this shit bang.

  • LeVar Johnson

    The song is hot and both of their verses were dope but 50 is gonna get more attention because of the Kanye jab. They both did their thing though. I’m not mad at it at all. I expect to see a bunch of remixes from NY rappers on this one.

  • PW


    • Broski 3000

      Hell naw, they need to stay in this lane right here. Majority of 50 fans prefer this over his club bangers anyway and im 1 of them. Niggas always wanna party, whens the time for listening?

  • Dashing28

    Both verses were tight, but I actually like Joe’s better. Either way good to see NY MCs getting back on together on a NY sounding track.

  • Jay

    Yes love this shit ny stand up show your support

  • GreenBergs

    if anyone could bring new york hip hop back it would be kay slay..

  • AMTM25


  • AMTM25


  • Ten a key

    Finally …. A good ny rap song – fiddy and joe I know your reading this …need well produced music like this please

  • Ace Booger

    Yo this joint is major BRO!!!!! BIG UPS TO FERRARI F-50 VROOM!!!!! BACK ON YA BULLSHIT GET EM FIFTH


    THIS IS INCREDIBLE. All this bring NY back talk… these are the guys to do it, not Joey Badass & A$AP Rocky corny ass…

  • Mike Markidis

    its the raekwon beat lol stop acting like its sum groundbreaking production…average cut i would have liked it better without 50

  • GreenBergs

    this shit is heat def. but NY needs consistency…

  • 2 cents

    Shits hot …no but…leave it at that

  • Matthew Morgan

    I like this…dope track salute Dj Kay Slay for this collaboration…. never thought this would happen.

  • d

    love it!!good for hip hop.all negative bloggers go fall off a cliff….

  • Damien Rome

    What in the actual fuck are you people talking about… I actually hate how the image of a super-gangster sells you dumbasses to the point that you lose all objective judgement. Happened with Pac Post-Deathrow, and definitely with Fif. Listen, I’m happy these two collabed, I’m happy the Drama King’s Happy, but Joe did his thing on this and 50 sounded okay. He sounded like he was reading the verse for the second time ever while rapping it. And he sounded like he chewed on rocks prior to recording just so he can sound “hard”… C’mon guys, stop the blind bullshit. This is not a great verse, that murder not music shit was bleh too. This guy needs some feeling… and he needs to rehearse the fucking verse.

    • Craig

      What 50 needs is to learn his history

  • Damien Rome

    The funniest thing about 50, is he has soo many fans, it’s amazing that someone can put out bullshit music and be irrelevant with sooooooo many huge fans. Like it’s not that HE’s irrelevant as in nobody likes him, it’s more about so many people are sold on him being the realest hardest gangster ever and they love him to death… but his MUSIC is irrelevant. And nah, I’m no Lil B lover, I’m keeping it 100. He doesn’t need to make trap music or anything like that to be relevant he just needs to rehearse his fucking verses and make better hooks. Everyone loved him from 03-05 mainly for his hooks and his flow. This fake gravelly voice is bullshit. How the fuck does J. Cole call you for a collab and writes a hook for you to make you sound like your old self?? Cmon dog.

    • Afi Keita James

      He’s done anyways so who cares, he is a phony like the rest.

  • Mike B

    Joe actually killed that shit….this the type of sound i miss from NY…
    this is gonna make me go back to the Terror Squad The Album cd…most underrated group compilation ever

    • Tec1Nyc

      The first TS CD is a classic album.. .the second one was wack!

      • Mike B

        Definitely on both

  • Tushawn Bundy Stewart

    cant lie wasnt sure i was gonna eff wit this song………… but i listened and i definitely eff wit this song !

  • SKI!

    FIF we waiting on animal ambition, then finally SKI!

  • ROSS_Destroyed_50

    50 Curtis will never recover from his beef with Rick Ross. No matter what he tries to do. Game over.

    • NYC!!!

      Ya BUGGIN!!!!Trick False is a WRAP!!!!About time 2…Fucking FRAUD!!!GGGGG GGGGG G-UNIT!!!!!This is MURDER not MUSIC!!!GTFOH…Never recover…LMAO!

      • ROSS_Destroyed_50

        Gorilla Unit has been dead for years now, sweetie. They aren’t coming back.

        #Mastermind, MMG!

  • Yacht

    I’ve seen way less comments on Quality Music Posts… S/O to whoever made that beat. No replay value for me. Crack & Fif run was crazy wen they had it. Somebody like Vado and few other NYC lyricist get together, destroy this track.

  • fullyautomatic

    Shit firrrreeee…luv 50 verse…Joey crack verse was dope too

  • MIKE

    Big ups to the drama king for making this hot joint happen joe and fif killed it.

  • realish

    hahaha @ all the gunit stans saying he came back after one track. 50 cent cant even get a release date. ross crushed this muuunkeey lol

  • zoe

    I like how them niggaz get it down. Wen u get to a certain age plus u got money u don’t beef just watc for haterz n live life bich . good collabo

  • zoe

    I mean beef is part of da game ; it realy motivates fans n artist but after beein successful if not dumb u stay they fuck away from dat shit

  • Dwight Stewart

    This shit fire

  • Dre Neal

    Why does this have more comments then any other post on rap radar right now and isnt still #1?????

  • Kelden

    This is not hot. 1st and foremost, why are u sampling Raekwon and Freeway???? Sometimes u have to just let a classic record remain what it simply is…a classic. I’m not feeling this like a man with no hands!!

  • DumbBitchWheresPam

    have to hit audio mack and DL this asap

  • Hollywood the God

    didn’t see this coming…real niggaz always clash at the top..but real cats can squash and understand where eachother are coming from as long as there was no real disrespect or physical harm

  • david burgess

    this s*** is fire so stop hatin