Slaughterhouse Announce Battle Rap Series

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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble.

Slaughterhouse was back on RapFix Live yesterday and announced their new battle rap reality series, Road To Total Slaughter.  The first battle aired last night, but your can RSVP for today’s here. The full show will air this Spring on ShadyTV.

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  • CmonSon

    These no career ass niggas are giving back to the rap community…good shit, I guess

  • @jdotcastle

    no Hollow? c’mon!

    • Dom

      You didn’t see the insta pics? Hollow and Joe Budden facing off
      If that’s real, then he’s stepping up too, don’t worry.

  • Hussle

    where my nigga DNA at

  • Brandon M

    Cortez vs Marv Won again? I know Cortez been waiting for this shit.

  • TroyBrownTV

    This is it right here. Its only the beginning. Battle Rap has an opportunity to make its way into the forefront

  • heartlandG

    Math Hoffa = bottom tier, name ONE quotable… dont worry I’ll wait

    • BlackCrown216

      Thats what I think about too….he dont have none…..I would rather had O red or HOllow instead of Math.

  • heartlandG

    Swave Sevah >

  • BlackCrown216

    I cant believe its not butter……

    How you not have Calicoe at least. I think math could be replaced and so could Marve annnnd T……aannd Verb…this tournament kinda subtle yo



  • realish

    Diddy shuld put this on his network

  • brza

    Math Hoffa should not be allowed to participate after repeatedly catching feelings and swinging on people

  • brza

    and no Hollow Charlie Clips or Calicoe

  • Rob Get-It

    Nice to see the homie ars on here even after a few diss songs to joe budden

  • Carlos Danger

    no tsu surf just must have caught that line where is loaded if tay roc was in this i would have pick him to win the whole thing but i got ayeverb or arsonal.

  • Extra Domus

    how could diz participate if he “retired”