Rick Ross ‘Mastermind’ Cover & Tracklist


Thinking Of A Master Plan.

Rozay is finally ready to release his album on March 4. But before it arrives, he unveils its artwork and next single with Jeezy, “War Ready”. What is it good for?

UPDATE: Deluxe cover

UPDATE 2: Executive Produced by Sean John Combs.



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  • areal1

    Damn that came out of left field but it always a positive when two grown men squash a petty beef and get to making music. Just like 50 and joe as long as nobody was injured or killed is not that serious ne way.Now maybe elliot will give jeezy a fair shake since he aint beefin with his buddy no more

    • BigBawseee

      had to do my own research on YG since he was never on this site

  • Truck

    Damn Ross getting desperate. They really want this album to sell. Can a Jeezy feature save him?

    • LuckyP757

      desperate? huh? what leads you to that assumption? and how could jeezy save ross when ross put the dagger in his and 50’s back?!?

      • rap is wwf

        jeezys last album sold more that ross
        50 has platinum plaques and actual billboard solo hits when he had the torch plus was worldwide plus made 100’s millions.

        ross is a blog twitter and instagram artist at this point

        man if ross didnt have jayz and lyor in his corner…………..

        ross should send jayz flowers every day……..

        then again look what jay did to dame dash in the end.

        • LuckyP757

          you can’t take a niggas accomplishments away, ill give you that but neither of them are more relevant than ross. hate it or love it ross has been on the charts and in our faces as a relevant artist for the last few yrs whereas 50 aint been shit since ross smoked him on “in cold blood” and “valley of death” . thats what 3 ross LP’s ago? you sound crazy saying he’s basically a social media artist. fam, welcome to 2014. where if your internet presence isn’t up to par you aint shit! the blogs, the interaction and updates via twitter is the new street team. thats the new flyers in the clubs, the new posters on the light poles. and lyor and jay are the reason ross is afloat now? man you’re fucking nuts

          • Brandon

            In Cold Blood alone did 50 in, …Game 300 Bars & Running did G Unit in. 50 will sell regardless, but he sell off past hype unlike Nelly he did big numbers years ago. If Ross had came out when 50 or Jeezy did his albums would be platinum, although Rozay finally scored Plat with Port of Miami. Ross put in work with great music. Rich Forever was a classic!! What does Gucci think of this now! I’m confused my damn self!

          • rap is a circus

            ross has no platinum plaques for any album.
            his most recent albums are heavy with features anyway compared to other platinum rap artists.
            if he can do a album with just him and niggas from mmg he can talk.
            facts are jay drake wayne nicki now jeezy carry most of his albums.
            take them out the album barely goes gold.

            to be honest both these jayz puppets need each other at this point,
            both doing 150 1st week max.

          • Nickaq

            Ross’s port of miami went platinum

          • CMON SON

            IF IT AINT PLATINUM AFTER A YEAR MAX…………………………………NEXT.

          • blackholesurfer

            he doesnt have a single LP that went platinum yet.


          • LuckyP757

            tell em again homie. these niggas so wrapped up in non music bullshit that they can’t even acknowledge good music when they hear it. thats all its about

          • I Run This…

            Ross doesnt sell, he last barely goes Gold. You mentioned his last 3 album rite, did you know that none of them hit platinum? No artist on MMG has ever sold Gold >> singles dont count.

      • Utrdb

        Lol Ross stans always get emotional It’s not hard to see there struggling after all the singles videos features year long promo Jay z etc so now he is using jeezy for a buzz as a last try. he seems to get by from other people helping him.

        • LuckyP757

          LMAO @ stans nigga please. If dude had originally said anything in regards to what you mentioned then i could have agreed. My question was what was said in this post that lead him to say or believe ross was struggling. and using jeezy for a buzz? NIGGA PLEASE. jeezy aint even from atlanta no more with all the dick and blood sucking he’s doing to YG!! that nigga wanna be from cali so bad

          • areal1

            My nigga u a ross Stan stop it face it if you on every ross related post defending his honor nigga you a stan and if he killed jeezy career he wouldn’t do a promo conmercial highlighting the fact he got a feature from him like I said stop it

          • LuckyP757

            nigga huh? who are you? JEEZY, IS THAT YOU?!?!? fuck outta here. these is all facts playboy.

          • areal1

            Lmao u got it man I don’t want to cyberfight I c u love ya mmg boss

  • Sean Power

    looks like the work of hova jeezy makes peace of the roc nation signing

  • Joe

    Blatant Guns N Roses rip off.

    • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

      indeeed quite Use your Illusions, nice eye!

  • rap is wwf

    i knew as soon as jeezy signed his label to roc nations managment that jay was tryna get the jeezy thing squashed with ross…….ross has had so many niggas keeping him afloat in this rap game to help him keep up his “boss” image its getting ridiculous.
    man both these niggas lost doing this colab…….

    “these industry niggas aint friends they know how to pretend”

    all depends how the song is…that jay ft came and went fast.

    suppose when you got zero buzz desperation kicks in………….

    • realish

      who kept ross afloat in the rap game??? jayz??? so what are you saying jayz kept Kanye n jeezy afloat too? you know jayz don’t do songs with just anybody. ross held his own even against 50 cent beef. were 50 was supposed to end his career. ross put out bangers

    • REALLY23

      Rick Ross one of the best rappers to come out in the last 10 years.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Great great vintage vibe with the colour, I like this alot. The text is very stylish as well, feels like a 80s fashion mag.

    • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

      man STFU

      • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

        Do you have a single legitimate reason to be requesting this? I will express my opinion in a respectful way, and I won’t hide behind another name 😀 God bless you.

  • Belize

    Ol pink album cover looking ass ni…cop

  • Gee

    Smart move on Jeezy part he has no buzz no release date he dropping mad garbage of late this will help Jeezy more than Ross

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    It looks like the Teflon Don cover, but pink instead of blue

  • Dan Karlin

    Ok, I’m glad I’m not the only one who caught Ross’ ripping off the ‘Use Your Illusion’ cover. Axl Rose is enough of a dick where he’ll probably wind up suing over this kind of thing.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Rap Game = WWE …smh

  • Fat Motherfucker

    This shit looks like a mixtape cover.

    Why demonstrate low budged that obvious?

  • Abe6772

    I guess hes on a budget for his next album

  • A TO DA K


  • Real

    150K first week

  • polopolo1

    Lnaooo yall know one record is not gonna save a whole album right? its either gonna be nice,decent,or some shit no jeezy feauture is gonna weigh heavy enough to change that.

  • dollabeelz

    Ross always makes great albums. He knows how to put them together. Mastermind.


    fuck all these stupid comments we dont need this bullshit in hip hop no more……………………we already lost big and pac. what they beefing for tell me this dudes rich getting mooney lets come together and get more. niggas always want rap beef. we here for the money i got family to feed

  • DeLi


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William is using his badge and got Jeezy arrested into taking a pic with him.

  • JD

    Cover’s dope.

  • 92tillinfinity

    The day Rick Ross actually releases an album with less features and more solo tracks i will have respect for him and actually buy the album. Can the dude even release a single solo…?

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Niggas kill me talking about Jeezy aint buzzin when he has a song on a best buy beats by dre commercial and an artist with a buzz and a hit record. Heres the bottom line Ross is a fraud and a gold artist. All you people saying he ended 50s career are fucking delusional. 50 accomplished in one year what ross couldnt do in 8 years and 50 is still top 5 to 10 every year on the forbes list. Jeezy has artist that will at least be certified gold. Ross was supposed to drop this album over the summer. Wasnt he talkin about 103 getting pushed back cause it wasnt buzzing but 103 came out and went gold in a month yet ross had his last two albums pushed back and GFID went gold in 3-4 months. Anyone who is a Ross fan is fake and delusional as he is and should have been castrated at birth. Facts are facts.

    • MMG Suede

      GFID went Gold in a month but ok

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Btw Rich Forever was the best thing Ross dropped and that was a mixtape. Its was that good for me to even listen to it and i would have never listened to anything this fraud put out.

    • realish

      Lol ura fan.how would you know if that was his best if you dont listen to him. lol

      • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

        Because real music fans give everything a chance not based of the last work they heard.
        One day when you grow up, you’ll understand. Or Not.

        • Hannibal Lecture

          Exactly its a lot of artist im not a fan of but they still have material i listen to

  • Jeezy

    Will rapradar final let Jeezy shine now…smh

  • Joseph Shiotta

    not gonna lie the covers dope

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    Isn’t that NIRVANA’S logo on the “NEVERMIND” typeset/font?

    Looks the same except Nirvana are legends & Rick Ross is a fat guy who was an officer then took a real drug dealer’s name/life & pretends it’s his own.

    Otherwise, I guess Nirvana & Rick Ross have a lot in common

  • Keith

    The beef was a marketing gimmick. Just like duck dynasty gay thing, week after they announce phil was back, oh new season coming in a week also. please spare me.

  • Dre Neal

    Sucks! He’ll never go platinum, he doesnt have his own personality

  • Reggie


  • Samsohn

    I love how when people attack Ross the instant reaction is – “But he’s more relevant than 50 Cent right now. That’s true, Ross is also more relevant than Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, DMX, KRS-One, The Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, and even arguably 2Pac and Bigge – that doesn’t mean he’s a respectable rap artist – it really only shows the degeneration of hip-hop music from a genuine music representing the struggle of the inner cities, to a corporatist, sold-out commodity, used by the rich corporations to influence the masses. One key example of this decline in American hip-hop, is the decline in influence and sales of American hip-hop internationally. 10 years ago, 50 Cent was doing giant concerts in every corner of the world. Literally from nothing to something…an inspiration to kids in Ghana, Nigeria, Australia, France, and America. Now, Ross can’t even sell out an American stadium without Jay-Z or Drake coming out as clown features. It’s all obvious to people who have been down with hip-hop music for over ten years. Hopefully it’s cyclical and will all come back again to the realism.

  • GreenBergs

    all this “peace-making” bullshit is really fucking corny..

  • GreenBergs

    how anyone can be a fan of rick ross is beyond me..

    • REALLY23

      Because the nigga can rap really well.

      • GreenBergs

        Lmfaoo his beat selection tricks u into thinking tht

  • GreenBergs

    yo fuck b.dot that faggot ass is a mastermind at getting gay dudes grammys…eat a bowl of dicks!!!

  • CmonSon

    Idk why I feel like that’s an old pic but the cover is still kinda cool I fuck wit it

  • Dwight Stewart

    roc nation manages Jeezy so this must be the work of the big homie Jay z

  • gzdehb


  • Beyonce pink. I’m not feeling the Standard Cover AT ALL. The Deluxe is somewhat wavy. I don’t condone bangin yourself though. We don’t do those.

  • brza

    can this guy ever release a single without a feature? *and yes I know that he actually has in the past but not as of late*

  • Rgeezy

    Woop, woop, that’s the sound of da police.

  • Carlos Danger

    i think this album ross regain some sales and some more fans because this jeezy assist got the rap world like..WTF!!!

  • Tim

    Google – Rapper Kenny Thomas………………..NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • AKbar

    what i’m really trying to say is most of these rappers should jump on the porno wagon and record porno’s to promote their albums

  • young yela yela yela

    album artwork DOPE as FUCK.
    by da way, Jeezy and Rozay, can’t wait for the street single.

  • MMG Suede


    • somethingwitty

      7 out of 15 tracks (16 with skit) have features and that isn’t feature heavy to you? That’s counting the intro as an actual track, if it isn’t an actual track then that’s 50% features. Fuckouttahere.

    • guest response

      homie dude has jayz kanye wayne the weeknd and shock value jeezy. plus was on a track with gaga 2wks ago. cmon son the only other nigga missing is drake. future was on that flop no games. all his singles solo flopped.
      facts though his album should just be MMG members if he and they are so selfmade. running the game as they claim. BUT THEY NOT.

      not buying the hype on the blogs for this album. ross fell off hard.

  • b zdbnz

    ross radar is gearing up for a full month of dickriding and ass licking and officer ricky posts all over the top 5 posts

  • 8Galaxy5

    If yall continue with all this rick ross stuff i wont bother to check this site anymore.
    Fucking annoying to come on here and see that shit,its all over the fucking place.

  • Patrick Wiley

    No Ross record is platinum. Enough said.

    • racks

      shots fired-at him in his own city…no retaliation or questions
      drug dealer dreams-while napping during his shift as a C.O in jail.

      bout time he spit that real shit we can believe he was involved.

      rest of them tracks ducktales outta movies he watched.

      jig is up.

  • King Sesame

    Good look for Hiphop!All across the board. These are our black brothers keeping the culture alive!

  • C COM

    lol this STILL at the top smh only on rapradar.


  • OG Bobby J

    Theres only 5 songs outta 16 with rappers on it.. how many albums came out last year less than 5 rappers on their album? I’ll wait? cut the crap man track list looks like fire!

  • Peekay

    not gonna lie, I like the cover artwork. Album’s missing the Mayback Music V though.

  • Caposet303

    The 2 records that caught my eye are:7. Mafia Music III (Feat. Sizzla & Mavado) = My goodness.
    14. Sanctified (Feat. Kanye West & Big Sean) = Sean probably got off.

  • Caposet303

    Pusha needs to get a hold of a beat similar to Hold On and get Ross & Jeezy on the same record. That my friends would be a wrap.

  • Sean Mahoney

    Gangster Gibbs.

  • polopolo1

    No wale??? But u got meek and lil wayne? Gtfo

  • Officer Ricky

    Didn’t this nigga brag about working with Bobby Womack? A legend don’t wanna work with a fake nigga. This album is gonna flop hard

  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

    tracy t ruined war ready imo

  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

    im curious to c wat dis album sounds like. cuz dat last album was sub par