• LP1087

    Stay feeding the public, gotta admit, sporadically too

  • David

    Wow, he stepped up his bars and his beats.. He shouldve went retail with this..

  • Spitta man just keep on spittin

  • Ken ken

    He puts out too much music IMO…over saturation

    • Davey Allen



      The Free Music is Due to the fact He Cant vlear those samples …He Does a lot of show with the music its a Money Issue ..Its Cheaper to give it out for free

    • Cmon Son

      Nah I’ve been a huge $pitta fan since like ’07 and I agree with this. Dude has given us like 20+ projects in the last few years & has never really changed his style. He’s still “got it” per se, but it’s become/becoming a little repetitive even on stronger projects like this…

  • Truth

    Summer time need to hurry up because this is a good excuse to bend some corners…. The music never dies

  • Dev

    This shit is fire

  • Mylo