New Music: Kanye West “Drunk In Love (Remix)”

BET Awards 2012 - Inside

Reverse Cowgirl. Instead of ranting on stage, Kanye channels his stream of consciousness on the mic for what appears to be the official remix to Beyonce’s hit single. Reworked by producer Mike Dean.


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  • lool


  • Why

    Kanye, what are you doing

    • Steven


      • Word

        SHUT THE FUCK UP! – Yeezy

  • AssA


  • fdsv

    Lol wtf

  • LMAOOO Son talkin about Kim like the slut she is finally. Cummin on her stomach & in her mouth LOL Wow.

    • intelligentsoul

      if that make Kim a slut….95% of women on earth a slut too then

      • She’s SUPPOSED to be a slut for her husband but her slut ways got spread throughout the industry first, only difference between her & the 95%.

        • intelligentsoul

          Sure… But we only can confirm 4 people she has been with. The rest are speculation. So if she a slut for fucking four people then we really in trouble.

          • Ehh got a point but I’m sure you’re not as naive to believe that her body count is 4 LOL I don’t respect bitches that hop from athlete to athlete to entertainer at all. She’ll always be just a muse & slore. Not wife material. Period.

    • Sean Power

      he said way worst on yeezus did not hear the lines about fisting

    • yorapper

      Never fucked a bad bitch ass nigga.

      • Your definition of “bad bitch” is highly different from mine obviously. Kim is a slore…that I would fuck. Stop defending slores “real nigga”.

  • Chronic

    Kanye has really lost it rapping-wise…anything from yeezus till now has been straight trash

  • Chronic

    I just feel so bad for their future kid

    • intelligentsoul

      that kid worth 100 million already….the lil girl straight

      • Chronic

        Still has to live her life knowing her moms famous for sucking dick and her dads only staying relevant by being a legit crazy person

        • Sebastian Slade

          You have a real warped understanding of celebrity.

  • yethagaaaaahd

    kanye killin’ it

  • Jinx

    Monday’s Donkey Of The Day

  • LA Tha Gawd™

    Umm Ye killed this shit… His bars still be cold it’s just that his sound have changed.

  • LA Tha Gawd™

    Follow me on twitter @LAThaGawd, I rap too gees.

  • THE guest

    Kanye really is the new Michael Jackson…meaning he’s becoming a pop topic in every household.

    • Strong Enough

      thanks to taylor swift. she elevated him to icon status

      • bdot you skank

        Thanks to swift? Are you serious? Look at HER album sales before and after that incident… now who made who? The MySpace country star who is now a household name or the guy who was doing beats for jigga and going platinum before MySpace was even in existence.

        • Strong Enough

          She made him ICON status. More than just a household name. That little event catapulted him to Michael JACKSON LEVEL. its true

  • big worm!

    Crazy shiiiiit… be intoxicating these rappers! While broke ass niggas criticise

  • EchoxHotel

    Well You Can’t Get This With Satellite

  • blackholesurfer

    sorry this is beyonce song for jay what the fuck is kanye doing on this really. just a stupid remix…. LOL


  • wei sheng

    take a look in the mirror ppl, we all have something were not proud of, none of you niggas commenting on here are with out sin, clean your own house!!

  • wei sheng

    …yeah and all those commenting below, lets air some of your skeletons and see what ppl comment about your issues, he who w/o sin cast the first stone

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    Someone earlier commented that
    MTV invited Taylor Swift & gave her an award over Beyonce because she was a “Myspace country star”.

    Look , I can’t stand “T Swizzle”‘s music, but she’s on a level past Kanye in regards to sales, tours, endorsements & money overall.

    That MTV/Swift moment was the decline of Kanye as he took the whole “we the new rock stars” shit to a level that took him from “outside the box” star to “belligerent, drunk bully” jerk.

    Now the posts, including on this site, focus more on his “rants” & moments with that plastic chick he knocked up from that reality show.

    Kanye hasn’t lost his talent, but he’s lost his focus in his music & what the focus should be on Kanye in general. It’s ok because it’s been done before, guy’s name was Axl Rose. I think he’s playing county fairs now w/a band that has nothing to do with the people he started with.

    Aren’t we here not only to hear Kanye, but to HOPE that he’s back on his rap shit & not this “I listened to Nine Inch Nails, Minstry, Tricky’s music so this is my rap version of it” Kanye that we suffered through the last year with??
    Be honest

    When Kanye leaves The Roc & the excuse is he has to “spread his own wings” then you’ll see. Till then, throw up the diamond while you struggle to pay the cable bill.

  • J

    People really don’t understand he was trying to match Hov’s flow in this song?

    It’s just a comical verse, and it’s absolute fire.

  • Hip Hop Head

    Beyonce and Jay Z kept it classy. Kanye made it nasty.