Uncle Murda Returns To Breakfast Club

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Is Brooklyn In The House?

Uncle Murda made his debut on Power 105.1’s morning drive. He spoke on his disdain for the police, foiled Roc-A-Fella deal and reality shows. He then segued into his mixtape The First 48, Chris Lighty, and Epic Records.

UPDATE: U Dot M Slash Uncle Murda returned to Power 105 this week to plug his Ain’t Nothing Sweet tape. He discussed his pawn shop ad, the state of NY rap, Jay-Z, Maino, issues with Epic and more.

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  • http://y iamlegend24

    Ima b honest this nigga will never blow up seriously his best chance was signing with 50 but he fucked that up

  • Realniggashit

    Everyone is one hit away ^^^^^^

  • abc

    i remember nigs saying french montana was done after his situation with akon, look at him now

    more radio spins now then his past ten years grinding..

    uncle murda, grafh, cory gunz, jae millz, jae hood, them nigs gotta keep grinding, keep working, visuals and original production

  • The Other P

    ^^^It’s more than just a hit away now. If someone has been on the scene for years as hasn’t popped yet it might take more than 1 song, maybe a couple of songs or even a great mixtape. I definitely agree, the grind has to be there, rappers need to quit blaming the system when things don’t work out in their favor.

  • Devante

    Word @ABC

    If French and Joe budden made it out that failed next generation of New York rappers maybe they can too

  • hahaha

    Uncle murda a real nigga

  • Realniggashit

    People was saying Banks was done. Itsthereal did a little video joke on him and everything.

  • habesha money

    you know how confusing it is when y’all add to old posts

    • nicoswebaby

      Big Sean has like 4 different videos from the breakfast club in his post lmao.

  • Carlos Danger

    dude real too real.

  • Marley71

    Murda is a comedian…”We used to take stuff from people who didn’t deserve it.” It’s only funny when it’s not happening to you.

  • FreSH82

    Yo why this nigga Murda sweating so fucking hard?? Lmao.. And tbh it’s over for homie, nobody’s checking for my nigga..

  • Herbert

    never gonna pop