New Music: Chamillionaire “End Of The Knife”

end of the knife

Straight To The Point.

Chamillionaire keeps his art of story telling sharp as a blade on his brand new recording. Add it to your playlist by purchasing on iTunes.

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  • Eden O.

    WOW… what Cham did to song conceptually through a story telling way is way dope!

  • Julio Torres

    Maaaaaan this track is dope af man… I bet a few people will get the real story in this song haha trust me… The production and hook are real nice, cham always has them great hooks.

  • Steve Schweizer

    Chamillinare is back on it man….Poison on the way! #Chamillitary #Iamnotabot

  • James Chamillitary Marlar

    This song is so amazing, i get chills every time i jam
    it, Poison is going to be EPIC, Chamillionaire is GOAT , CHAMILLITARY

    • Steve Schweizer

      2nd dat!

    • Sipan Kazaryan

      Yea mayne, greatest rapper of all time.

    • Julio Torres

      Poison will be a classic!

    • skip


      • James Chamillitary Marlar

        Oh wow look we got an internet thug

        • skip

          You’re such a lame porky

    • brza

      lol “every time I jam it” you can’t be serious

    • word to big bird

  • Ozzy N

    Super dope track by Chamillionaire. Creativity is dope. One of my favorite new songs by him. The concept is dope

  • Sipan Kazaryan

    Awww man I knew the song was gonna be sick once I heard the beat. Cham was real smooth with the hook. He’s always been great with the story telling. Love this song. Once Poison drops, Chams gonna take over the game man.

  • jessie jones

    The hook is dope

  • Jhir5ch

    Killed! sick beat and a slick story..

  • TheKidBrian

    Aw, man. Story telling at it’s finest. Cham has always had a knack for story telling in his music. It’ll always leave you wondering what the true meaning behind it was.

  • JonScatt

    Love the vivid storytelling on this track! The production is dope too!

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad



    • Julio Torres

      says the hater up late on a chamillionaire blog…..

      • Paul Avendano

        Their turning their engines on lol

        • Julio Torres

          lol I’ve noticed…

          • ace

            are you butthurt you queer?

    • brza

      *dead* seriously though these comments are mad funny

  • realer than most

    itz aight at best, kinda sub-par B level average, not really hittin on much, kinda jus so-so, not really stirrin the pot, jus kinda simmerin on the suface, not really deep enough to justify a download, kinda just standard issue by the numbers goin thru the motions, flow on auto pilot, same ol same ol, its just watever, not really on weezy or jay z level, kinda just regular plain paper

    • Julio Torres

      lmao @ Wayne level……

    • Paul Avendano

      Just listen some more and youll see its on the Nas Ether level.

      • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad


  • Kris Haney

    Maaaaan nobody in the game can do what Cham does!!!!

  • THE guest

    for anyone wondering, just check these posters profiles and all they do is post on chamillionaire posts…interesting huh? ridin dirty.

    • Julio Torres

      yea fans of Chamillionaire…. shocking right? dumbass…

    • 713Hustler

      GASP…….No shit Sherlock..

  • xx601_Boyxx

    this is a real dope story telling track by cham….i didn’t know he was the “knife” the whole time until he explained it earlier today…

  • Paul Avendano

    I love the instrumental it reminds me of Spanish music (you know from actual Spain) I love how he leaves this song to be interpreted by the listener.

  • G. Jackson

    Cham’s music goes over a lot of people’s heads, go listen to “Voice of Reason”, if you can’t understand how dope it is… I feel bad for you.. This song is DOPE!

  • Justin Moss

    The more I listen to this, the more it blows my mind. Really dope song. Kinda reminds me of Think I’m Crazy, but only a little. The storytelling is crazy but amazing. Chamillitary mayne!

    • Ryan Deary

      Yea Justin

  • Aamir Bello

    Too sick cham! Too sick…

  • Killa Cam

    Such a dope underlying concept…nothing less from Cham!

  • brza

    using fake profiles to promote your music is so wack “I get chills every time I jam it” lol c’mon b

  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    Damn the comments are on some “Wolf Of Wallstreet” Shit loooool!

  • Anthony Yellowman

    Loving this track! So dope!

  • .stillnotsoft.

    wow this is dope

  • Peter

    It’s all about point of view.Well played, Cham.

  • Evelina

    yep, super dope song. #salute Cham

  • Stephen T.

    man this song is so dope! real story telling!

  • djdoit

    Obviously this group of supporters isn’t from my era. I remember the Original Chamillionaire. This is not him. These kind of songs are the reason Venom never dropped. I have every Chamillionaire Mixtape and Retail he ever dropped. Evn the shit with him and Paul. This is NOT hot. It’s mediocre at best. Cham, I’ll tell you what they won’t. This isn’t you. Stay Throwed. Stick to Real Hip Hop. Leave the story telling like this to the NY rappers. Your better then this. ID RATHER HEAR RIDIN DIRTY PART 3 THEN THIS CRAP

    • 713Hustler

      I’ve listened to all his old stuff. It was all badass, but it was more of baller rap man. That was cool when he was younger, he’s older now. HOw is coming up with a song that has such a dope concept mediocre?

      • Eden O.

        you’re 100% right… not many rappers can come up with a concept like this and that throwback ‘baller rap’ would be corny as hell right now..

    • Julio Torres

      How you gonna say story telling aint real hip hop fool lmao and you need to educate yourself on the venom situation…

      • Robert

        Dude, you must be a huge nut rider smh Do you expect everyone to like Chamill?

    • Alex Godoy

      Then you have Sound Of Revenge with wicked a story on it from Think I’m Crazy. There isn’t that much difference in his content these days

  • F14 ABE

    the unique perspective he is rapping from is very clever and interesting to me.

  • Such a dope song!!! Beats and lyrics on point!

  • Dios

    This song is on repeat through the whole day. Man this is incredible. #Poison coming soon

  • 713Hustler

    Stupid people won’t feel this song, because they’ll be lost on the first verse. Bad ass concept

  • Brian Cockrell

    Nice job of story telling in this one

  • Davon Dicks

    chamillionaire invites us to open our minds and think about the meaning of this song and what is happening in this song

    ..the storyline of this song is mindblowing O.o

  • Levent Mehmet

    Thoroughly enjoying this track. My mind was blown when Cham revealed the true meaning of this song.

  • Omer

    these last 3 releases have been really good, he looks like hes really warming up, looking forward to the next one. This song was a bit weird i need to listen to it a few more times

  • adam

    Love the concept, beat, story and creativity on this one.

  • bfarber

    I love the vibe to this song. The beat has a kind of Latin American or Spanish feel and the flow is smooth as always.

  • Ryan Deary

    No fake profiles we are real fans and cham has been jamming since 98. Sorry if you only listen to radio records and aren’t up on the EPs or mix tapes or last few releases. Poison is coming this year and you’ll see the name that’s running the game Chamillitary mayne..

  • Alex Godoy

    word… just check it out then go back and listen to the mixtapes and all the fire tracks in this guys catalog. dude is way underrated

  • Oudžej

    Sick song!

  • Steve Schweizer

    Yall haters keep your distance, we don’t need you killin our vibe anyways #Bitchdon’tkillmyvibe #Poison

  • MMG Suede

    This is better than 50, some wont agree cos 50 is 50 but whatever