New Music: T.I. “We Dem Boyz (Remix)”


We Dem Hustlers.

As evidence, T.I. and Wiz have been spending some time together. And now, Tip takes the bronmance a step further with an opening verse to his latest single. Off Whoo Kid‘s The Elevation 2 tape on 4/20.

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  • chubbychecker

    niggas is corny for using this pic tho

  • trill

    T.I an informant


      You need to let that go fam

      • REALLY23

        it’s true

        • Davey Allen


          • REALLY23

            Cuz 50 said


    This is amazing

  • Belize

    Whats up with that dude on the right by the manikin?

  • smh

    Nigga looking like he Slow Dancing wit dude…..gazing all passionately into his eyes n shit ahahahahahah T.I you need to let that prison shit go homie….LET IT GO ahahahaha

  • Chronic

    TI is and will always be king of the south

  • youtubemp3s

    T.I. – We Dem Boyz [Remix] (New 2014) – FREE MP3 download —

  • yo nigga T.I real nigga move da fat ass so wild and fast dance and moves,your photo show how ur nigga big momma made you,your songs are shits as niggas from da big fat ass. you big black dicks heads on the photo,no need to show I know your black as shit from ur momma,you bad dance and fake singing niggas! this world need real niggas not black shits! SWAG

    • Sam Robilotta

      the picture shows he’s a snitch? Please elaberate, how the fuck is this pic saying he’s a snitch?

  • Lucky Lefty

    I’m going to assume there must’ve been a different picture yesterday, because I’m not sure how a picture of a man with his children shows how he is a snitch. And also, you dudes kill me. Why are y’all so infatuated with another man’s appearance in a pic? I thought the point of the post was to listen to the music? Lol, this generation is dumb yo.

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad