Gucci Mane Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison


The Caged Bird Sings ‘Til 2016.

Guwop had his day in court today and plead guilty to felony gun possession. Facing up to 10 years, he’s been ordered to remain behind bars for 39 months after accepting a plea deal. In Gucci’s favor, the judge shaved 10 months as time served. He’s also facing $250,000 in fines.


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  • Donn

    When keeping it real goes wrong. Hey do what u rap about though right?

  • Kierab

    39 with the 10 months off already?

  • tha OG

    Good I wont hear no more garbage music from him

    • Epul

      According to his manager, he has 10 albums of unreleased material lol

  • Dat Boar Who killedking robert

    i have no sympothy for these dumbass entertainers u got all that money and go fuck it up over something petty

    • LuckyP

      here you go, just like a fuckboy, counting another niggas pockets. how u know how much money he really has?

      • Chronic

        Google “gucci mane networth”….

        • LuckyP

          y’all niggas believe anything u can google. how accurate do u think that shit REALLY is?!? netWORTH doesn’t mean he HAS that money for 1, 2 u think these niggas report every form of income etc? smh

          • alex

            Not reporting income would imply he has more money than let on.

          • LuckyP

            LOL you know what i meant gottdamnit! I’m just not counting that whole celebrity net worth site as a credible source in regards to ones wealth, or lack thereof

  • IM730

    They dont care how much bread you got.. You CANT keep havin run in’s cause eventually they gonna be like “this nigga never learns” and put you away. Its a shame tho foreal cause he had MORE THAN ENOUGH opportunities to get it right and keep in his own lane..

  • Davide Leroy

    He beat 20 years… so shit.. this is a win

    • Van Sertima

      see that the fucked up thing, he beat 20 and is still holding a L
      i see your point – the judge could have thrown the book at him.

      • Davide Leroy

        its 2014. this nigga has 2 years to do. thats a W out of 20. Dumb Fuck

        • Van Sertima

          …. and i’m the idiot? foh. prison is a L regardless. prison and W shouldn’t be in the same sentence. it’s never ok to go to prison – there’s no win involved, it’s just varying degrees of Ls.

          • It’s Just Music

            don’t argue with dumbfucks please. the dude you arguing with probably thinks prison is cool foh

  • Lucky Lefty

    So, do we stop saying “It’s all Gucci” in a positive manner now? Or naw?

  • Van Sertima

    prison is lame. who wants to live like that.?

  • RapperJailTime

    it’s nothing .. He’ll be out in 8 months ..

  • nhn

    sad to hear this

  • Kaybee

    Free Guwop. He works harder than ur favorite rapper!

    • It’s Just Music

      na my favorite rapper works efficently.

      Gucci works hard but all his music sounds like gargled bullshit.

    • BlackCrown216

      Free him for what? It seems like he needs to be there. You dont continue doing the same stupid things over and over and think its cool. Hes damn near 40 years old….

      When does he smarten up? Or because he represents the ghetto and ratchett part of the streets, its not expected for him to be thoughtful?

      shyt gets old….and hes too old. Needs to grow up. All that money anf fame he has and still cant even see blessings…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    If it wasnt for this post I wouldnt know where Gucci Mane is at.

  • GritGrindGlory

    This nigga will come out and realize he was garbage to begin with. There Will be no free gucci campaign. He burned all his bridges. That lean took over that nigga soul. Now go learn proper grammar. The south’s biggest L……

  • Oz


  • CTE

    Jeezy won fuck boy!!!

  • TheChristianStoner

    hmmm.. maybe this prison time will get him closer to God and get his priorities in order.

  • Abe6772