The Roots Return To The Breakfast Club


…and then Big Homie watches Yee

With their album in stores today, Black Thought and Questlove visited Power 105. They discussed the album, where they stand in Hip Hop, relationship with members of the group, Quest’s partial ownership of the Soul Train franchise and more.



The Roots, well, really Black Thought and ?uestlove, broke bread this morning with The Breakfast Club on Power 105. After plugging their new album Undun, the duo spoke on working for Jimmy Fallon, DJ Envy’s beef with Black Thought, and dissing Michele Bachmann. 

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  • Koonietom

    the roots are washed up in my opinion… sorry

    …Stinky Leg Creator SUES Keyshia Cole’s Mama Frankie for “Frankie Leg” Dance <-this here had me rolling..

  • Sam I Am

    Black Thought and ?uest are the most (and in a lot of cases ONLY) recognizable members of that band.

  • Peekay

    washed up? Furthest thing from it. GTFOH

  • Crack

    These “washed up” niggas just dropped the hip hop album of the year. Nobody else is even close. Big Sean? Lupe? Wiz? Drake? Cole? “The Throne”? Wayne? Game? Now THOSE are some washed-up, sold out, fake ass artists.

    Common hasn’t dropped yet, but Kendrick Lamar is the only other relevant guy that stayed true to himself even this year alone. The Roots, on the other hand, have been doing it for almost 25 years.

  • MRJAY7

    Great interview. Better yet, great conversation from ?uest & Thought

  • Crew Love

    this is one of the most interesting Breakfast club interview I ever watched.

    Roots are brillant and fucking real. Rare breed. So much to learn from their experience