Funkmaster Flex Calls Out Dame Dash

Hot 97 Presents Metro PCS Take Over Tour

Culture Vulture.

On Monday, Dame Dash called out Interscope Records exec Joie Manda, on his Instagram account. Later that day, Funkmaster Flex came to Joie’s defense on Hot 97.

Their back forth on social media boiled over last night with Flex returning to the airwaves to state his case. Below is audio of his 20 minute diatribe.



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  • Flex seems to be a Sambo

    Funk Flex’s action to not only stand up against but also take to the airwaves against Dame Dash for this specific cause is deplorable. The manner he did it in and also how low he stooped in his response disgusts me. How do you repeatedly dishonor a person’s character for taking a stand for what he believe is in the best interest of our culture…and at the same time say you have respect for him while showing that you don’t even have respect for yourself or your people?

    • The Incredible Creation

      typical Funk Flex fashion… he’s a female…. -_-

    • BlackAnastasia

      Damon Dash is not taking up for the Culture because in reality he’s not apart of the culture. He’s a spectator as of now.We blacks are the Talent but not the distribution so who’s Zoomin Who!Dame just can’t deal with the reality that he’s become irrelevant and tabloid Fodder.He’s a roach now that making his last movements after being sprayed with Raid!

      • LuckyP

        the fuck is you talking about ?!? you sound dumb as fuck! how can dame dash not be apart of the culture? you mustve gotten your demo shitted on by the roc. you cocksucker you. you wanted to throw that diamond up (officially) so bad

        • BlackAnastasia

          HipHop off my nutz you broke bum Ass Nigga!!You got here from Ya Momma being a Cocksucker faggott!

  • Nathaniel

    none of what flex is saying makes sense, if you understand what dame means by ‘culture vulture’. flex understands, but he’s employed by the same family of jews that give niggas tons of money to push a decadent ‘culture’ throughout the black community. dame was in his 20’s and early 30’s, and wasn’t nearly as wise as the jews are. now hov, dame, etc. the people in general, are wising up. they were pawns, true, but that doesn’t change the ill-intent of these jews. they pay us crumbs (a couple mil) and they sit at the top of a multibillion dollar industry.

    • the kitchen

      “us” They dont pay you shit son, quit acting

      • Nathaniel

        you know what i meant. if somebody says “we are dying in our communities” who pops and says “you still alive son, quit acting.” stop trolling.

    • SDSOne718

      Instead of thinking that these “Jews” were important in the publicity and exposure of a culture and musical brand that got rich and famous in part because of the awful white man, you choose to be a racist idiot. You think CEO’s and business owners only get rich off African Americans or urban culture? You ever have a job? You think all these rap artists feel the same about “Jews” and white people as you while they pull out of their 4 car garage in their Bentleys and Aston Martins? Oh you must also think those albums and singles and concerts are all bought by black folks, right? You think a 20,000 seat arena is getting filled in some middle American city by black people only? Celebrate the culture becoming part of American culture and not fading away like other musical trends. Nah instead you’ll just be an ignorant racist. Don’t bother noticing who’s wearing those WuTang shirts and spending $35 bucks for it.

      • Nathaniel

        the side of the culture they pump all their money into isolates the most vile and filthy segment of blackness, then they promote that globally. that’s to the detriment of our international image, even though some rappers get rich. it’s intelligent to say ‘why?’ and think critically about that. others buy into it, but what is the actual effect it has on the black community? and if all business is systemic, and ‘social engineering’ is an academic term, then why is this done by design? the actual facts say so-called jews are at the top of every segment of entertainment media. if blacks were at the top, i’d say ‘blacks.’ there’s nothing racist about that.

        -did i say CEO’s and owners ONLY get rich off ‘african americans’ or so-called urban culture? no.
        -no, i don’t think ‘they all’ feel the same, but i do know some do, and i do know ownership of nice ‘things’ isn’t the point i was making. nor is how some ‘feel’ relevant beyond whether the feeling is justified, or a result of being deceived, or complicit.
        -no, i know who buys 80% of rap albums, but i also know who is influenced most, culturally, by rap, and the level of detriment. and since i’m black, that’s my concern, first.
        i don’t celebrate what appears to be acceptance into american so-called culture. america accepts us at our worst, for their own purposes, but not at our best, neither at our most independent. what you call acceptance is on the basis of money, but again, at what cost? this is no real acceptance at all.

        • SDSOne718

          the most vile and filthy side of “blackness”….which is what exactly? If I had to make an educated guess, most white kids care more about Big Pimpin as a song than they care about the “beef” between Flex and Dash. You know which parts of the “blackness” are worse? It’s not the music, its the [email protected](* on the side. Its the BS fights and the beefs that makes it look vile and filthy. The music is what people spend their dough on. They don’t buy the “gangsta”. If songs suck, they suck.

          If you understand that CEO’s and big businessmen make money however possible, why on Earth would you think they care what color the talent is? It doesn’t matter if its a bank CEO making money off white brokers or a record label CEO making money off black rappers. You make it about color because you’re a racist. Its like that. Thats all. Take a look around you and tell me its only black youth that’s influenced by rap culture. That’s a fallacy plain and simple. And you blame white people and Jews specifically why? Again, who do you think listens to Pharoahe Monch and Talib Kweli? The “independent” and intelligent artists have shows that are half white. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing. Unless you’re a racist.

      • Vagtastic

        You are jew haha

  • Nathaniel

    read “The HipHop Nation: Willie Lynch’s Newest Slave” by Philip A. Muhammad to get a thorough break down of the layers of the hip hop music industry. from europe in the late 1800s, all the way to the international political scene and how what we were doing in the hood connects to americas global image, and ultimately the westernization of the entire planet. it’s deeper than rap. dame knows. and flex sitting on the radio, as a dj, trying to teach damon dash, founder of roc-a-fella records, what’s what on the business side. don’t be deceived. dame’s vantage point is waaay more informed than flex, the talking head.

    • Mr. Real Talk

      Wow u just said a bunch of nothing. We all know hip hop influences the world. That’s not the point nor the issue. How can Dame call anybody a culture vulture when he did nothing but steal, lie and cheat his artist? He still owes beans millions. Currensy millions and lets not act like it wasn’t his fault, he doesn’t have Rocafella to this day. All Jay asked for was the rights to reasonable doubt and dame could’ve kept Rocafella.

      • Nathaniel

        that’s not what i was saying, bro. as far as “how hip hop influences the world” …that’s the obvious angle.

        everything else you said is hearsay so i can’t really speak on that. respect, though.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Flex seemed to be stating some “legit info”… he’s still a clown tho… smh

  • cj

    although its easy to make light of flex’s points, in my opinion his response to dame is clearly factual. dame dash was influential to hiphop in the 90s, but his ideas are dated and his approach to things just rubs the majority of people in the industry in the wrong way (pause), hence why he’s no longer in the industry. dame is salty a.f. and is the definition of a troll.

    • wow

      Historically it has always been this way… Once someone goes against the system they are deemed crazy etc(Look at Kanye)… How can you say his approach is dated when he is talking about owning everything instead of having to pay a middleman which is the traditional music industry business model? Flex is a coon… He chose’s all of his battles carefully and use’s the radio to attack those who are not there to respond. We’ve seen this before. The dude offered to be a guest on the show but Flex avoided that.

    • Kg2

      His approach ia actually NOT dated. If you really look at what dame has done “under the radar” its the exact blueprint of how jay z operates now. Fuck the politics of who is liked more. Check the atcual moves. Dame was doing the indy rock vibe then here comes jay doing the same thing. Dame was doing the art vibe then here comes jay doing the same thing again. Now not to get it twisted im not bashing jay at all but his blueprint is based off how dame operates. Now because dame is in a different light to some he does not get the credit he actually deserves.

    • PTK

      Flex doesn’t have any points. He’s using his bully pulpit to ish on someone making cultural criticisms from an instagram account. Dame has earned the privilege to speak on the culture. It strikes me as odd that the average joe would have the opinion that because someone works for one of these companies their opinion is more valid. It’s silly for flex to try and project that, it’s silly for him to try to clown dame during an intellectual discussion. nobody here gives a damn about the “industry” so who cares if they don’t like dame?? the only real question here is “is dame telling the truth?”

  • Ocho

    Damn… wasn’t expecting Flex to go in like that… I would love to hear Dames response tho.. I can’t lie… that Dame vs Flex shouting match on the air would have been classic tho lol

  • Dmoney

    Flex interpretation of dashes meaning seems to be the problem.

    Flex’s opinion on it, is that of race, but Dames isnt, as he called stoute and liles who are black, cultural vultures.

    Flex believes dash meaning of cultural vulture is that of someone who is not black making a profit from hiphop

    Dash meaning seems to be that of someone who isnt about that hiphop life profiting from hiphop.

    Flex argument is half/half. Hes wrong about his assessment of dame’s cultural vulture but may be right on the reason why dame is putting these people on blast now.

  • Mr. Real Talk

    I don’t like flex, but everything this nigga said was true and I’m a huge fan of Dame, but to be honest dame fucked his own self up. You can’t bust in meetings and just start cussing ppl out. And if u think the Jay footage is the only time he did that, then you’re sadly mistaken. Noreaga said he ran up in one of his meetings and cursed out the ppl that were giving Nore a contract. Even tho he did help Nore out by doing that, that’s just not the way u handle business.

    • PTK

      If you watched the backstage movie you know that dame screamed on kevin liles viciously. and if you are perceptive enough you would realize that it was well deserved and necessary. dame played his role at rocafella, give him credit for that.

      • Danielle_Keesha

        Flex gave him credit for ALL that he DID. BUT currently when he isn’t profiting from the same people who helped him he wants to blast them? Attention thirst much? AND that Backstage tour movie was early in their career. They went on to make MILLIONS of more dollars with Liles. Apparently Liles fixed the problem.

        • PTK

          You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. dame stayed blasting kevin liles and lyor cohen and he’s not alone in that. in every interview he ever did he blasted lyor. and the death of the dynasty video clearly shows him checking kevin liles. so we know from those two pieces of evidence that dame has been consistent in that. he was clearly complaining about defjam’s dirty tactics as he is now — consistency. back stage was NOT early in their career, it happened during the hardknock life tour. yeah liles fixed the problem by undermining dame and splitting up the roc .

  • Rgeezy

    Dame Dash is not current? Curren$y, Stalley, Smoke Dza, Tabi Bonney,Ski Beatz, BlakRoc, and now the new Dipset wave.

    Funk Master Flex’ s beard dye must be affecting his brain. LoL

    • hiphoplight

      He fucked over spitta an nem foo d fuck?

    • Danielle_Keesha

      Please tell me what’s CURRENT about ANY of the above. Don’t worry I’ll wait…….

  • ManFrizzLe

    Dame riders in here! Dame is a CLOWN! He’s so hot, he’s such an icon of the culture…NO ONE will mess with him. Culturally no one does either! Talk about a vulture – all he does is try to vulture off Cam because NO ONE ELSE will mess with him.

    Flex is that dude. If you actually FROM New York City, you KNOW Flex killed Dame and he was keeping it 100% real and accurate. Tell Dame to move on and stop bugging everybody. He has no relevance from the time he got pushed out until now. ZERO.

    • PTK

      Uhh I think the blackroc album and the dipset stuff is proof that artists still mess with dame. i listened to both dame and flex and it’s obvious that dame is more intelligent. flex lives in the shade.

      • ManFrizzle

        Would Mos Def or Raekwon actually sign to Dame? They went to the studio one night and spit a verse, they’ve done that literally thousands of times because they love rap and the Black Keys are hot. They might not dislike him but they’re not signing with him. If Jimmy Iovine starts a label, he’ll get plenty of artists. Don’t you remember, Dame had a label after the split, and all of the Roc artists who could stick with Jay did (including Beans)? The rest stuck with Dame because they had no other choice, and where are they now? Why wouldn’t Young Chris stick with Dame now, it’s not like he’s blowing up crazy.

        Dame is an arrogant hothead. “Made Hov say, okay, so…make another Hov.”

        • PTK

          This is what you said: “NO ONE will mess with him. Culturally no one does either! Talk about a
          vulture – all he does is try to vulture off Cam because NO ONE ELSE will
          mess with him.”

          We know that to be factually incorrect. You were basically just talking out of your ass. Now you wanna move the goalposts. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

          Beans went with dame, he didn’t reappear with Jay until american gangster; “the next thing ima do is free siegel” since you wanna drop quotes.

          Everybody at the roc was an arrogant hothead AND?? What’s your point?

          Flex takes up for these guys cuz they PAY him. How do you think he gets paid?

          • ManFrizzle

            When you think of anyone on BlakRoc besides Jimmy, would Dame ever enter your mind? That’s what I mean and that’s factual – they don’t associate with him like that, bottom line. What is Dame actually DOING? Just inviting them to the studio and providing a box of Phillies? What a mogul!!!

            “In 2006 Sigel resigned with Roc-A-Fella Records and started to recording for his fourth studio album The Solution.[10]

            He signed with Jay, son, because even though he’s a gangster and actually was friendlier with Dame, ANY person could see going with Jay was the right move. How’s Dame’s label going? What artists is he actually

            And if you’re a hothead, big mouth, and out of control, you better be worth your shit. Artists are the entire industry, they actually ARE the culture, and they can act out of control because most of the time they can get away with it. Unlike Dame, who couldn’t get away with it, because all of the artists worth anything that he brought in are all doing FINE without him. Nobody needed him. I don’t know what you do for a living, but everyone on here claiming “SAMBO” are out of control. Once you get a real job and are a productive member of society, there is a way to conduct business, and Dame is awful at it. Building relationships is the most important aspect of building a business and he ruined all his relationships, so they squeezed him out.

            Now go find Dame and get lost together.

          • PTK

            The ignorance on here is just astonishing. What do you think any of these vanity labels do besides act as middle men, take a percentage, book studios and provide weed and booze? none of what you said can in any way be considered a “fact” or “factual”. it’s all just hearsay or what you regurgitated from flex or some shit you pulled out of your ass. if you don’t like dame be real and say it, but facts are facts. beans went with dame. the b.coming is a dame dash project. you’re talking about 2006 when the roc started to implode during the black album. it wasn’t that “ANY person could see going with Jay was the right move” kanye and state prop were all conflicted.beans stuck with dame because dame supported him in jail and jay wouldn’t personally vouch for beans in court — #FactsONLY

            dame wasn’t worth his shit? rocawear was sold for $200million, get your facts straight. artists are out of control because culture vultures want them that way so that they can take advantage of them. it’s an old story. the idea that a successful business person has to look or act like lyor cohen is the antithesis of what the roc stood for so miss me with that shit.

            If we’ve learned anything it’s that you don’t have to wear a suit, you don’t have to be meek, you don’t have to kowtow and you don’t have to sell your soul to be a success.

            they didn’t squeeze dame out because he wouldn’t play nicely with them, they squeezed him out because they couldn’t get over on him. it’s not the first time a label has done that and it won’t be the last.

      • ManFrizzle

        “Any artist out there that wanna be an artist, and wanna stay a star, that won’t have to worry about the executive producer trying to be all in the videos…all on the records…don’t sign with Dame.”

        Not to mention…man…Dame has the absolute worst ad-libs ever. “Uh huh, yeah…Goodfellas…AAAnd we won’t stop….cuzzzz we can’t stop” that shit is 10x better than the idiotic rambling Dame has done on old tracks and the new one (which is fire). Clown.

    • LuckyP

      nigga cam aint hot now so how the fuck is he a culture vulture in regards to cam?! no ones buying them capes. no ones buying those ridiculously priced jerseys. fuck out of here. he’s their big homie, and they respect his mind as well as accomplishments. dame aint lost them smarts. smh @ flex is that dude. FUNK FLEX IS THAT YOU?!?

      • Miss.S

        you’re kinda wrong.. PEOPLE are fuckin wit Cam kinda hard right now.. its weird and as much as i don’t get it .. its true.. niggaz (white people) are buying all his dip set shit.. anyway carry on but Cam is still kinda in it.

  • Black Panther

    Funkmaster Flex is a fukkn Coon, a uncle Tom ,a house nigga and last but not least a fukk nigga!!. We need to rid our community of these sell outs. Flex is buffin that “jew” Knob. He actually put himself on the spot by involving himself, thus solidifying his spot and loyalty to the “jews” whom are behind the curtains pulling the strings. Dame Dash is talking some real shit, we should be in control of the program since we are the ones most affected(Negatively) by the music . The “jews” have been controlling and manipulating the “black” community from day 1 in good ol Amerikkka. The “jews” funded, controlled and profited from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade aka African Slavery in the USA. The “jews” own most of the section 8 houses in the ghettos throughout Amerikkka, Most of the Judges in America are “jews” because you have to be a lawyer to be a judge and “jews” are bred to be lawyers 90% of the time. Hence Private Prisons aka modern day slavery, cheap labor(10 cents a hour) to produce products for companies such as Dell, Nike & Victorias Secret just to name a few. Its a real Quagmire that we are in, but we can get out of it. We have to get serious about our education(Lawyers,Doctors,Engineers etc.) and start practicing group economics(Spend your money with black businesses only) like we did in the past (Black Wall Street, Harlem Renaissance). Most of these sports teams are owned by these same “jews”. Just stating the facts. We dont need a leader anymore, all they gone is kill him/her. Just look out for your own first and last. BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER!!!!!!! #ControlYourDestiny #Blackpower #FUNKFLEXCOON

    • SDSOne718

      Read up dummy:

      Let’s flip it….what has your Black Power done for Jews? Racist towards a minority that has helped the civil rights cause more than any other group. Some typical ignorant sh#&. And who do you think buys your “culture’s” music? You think these rap artists all get wealthy without your hated white people and Jews buying it up and filling arenas? Stop embarrassing yourself. Let the many intelligent African Americans rep the right way so you don’t set everyone back 50 years.

      • Church AV Brooklyn

        Dummy??? Ha Ha thats funny how emotional you are, name calling… You must be a so called jew?
        I stated the facts you stated opinion.

        So this African History Professor is telling lies to huh?

        U dont know what u speak about. You are ignorant. Go look for yourself, U FUCK NIGGA. Thanks to this internet the truth is at your fingertips. Google Jews involvement in the slave trade.

        Are you a so called jew? Burn in hell, the days of oppressing black people are coming to an end.




  • LuckyP

    flex aint make not one point. he’s trying to stand on joie not being a culture vulture simply because he cut dame X amount of checks? what a fool. he doesn’t even understand what the nigga means by that term. one can cut you a check and still be a culture vulture. they’re only cutting checks to be able to make money off of niggas

    • Danielle_Keesha

      What he is saying how can you be down one minute but then when you ain’t benefitting from it now you want to “BLAST” them and all of a sudden they’re wrong. Dame looks bitter and desperate trying to go at the same people that HELPED him get his start. Maybe he is mad that those people aren’t rocking with him anymore.

    • SDSOne718

      Damn someone needs to tell all these rock bands that white people are making money off their whiteness. Bunch of racists.

      Russell Simmons probably didn’t make a dime off those 3 white Jews from NYC who helped make rap famous. Not a cent.



    Damon Dash was great until he let Jay’s $ucce$$ & dominance go to his head!!!! Wasn’t shit cool about him barking on cat’s & putting people down he felt he either was better then or above! I’ve yet to see footage of him screaming or yelling in Lyor Cohens face, I’ve seen him yell at another black executive like himself(Kevin Liles). If you want to know how he went broke & Biggs was forced to sell weed, go to youtube & see if you can find “International Grizzly”. I bought it on dvd 2 months ago. Him & Biggs took a private jet ($!$$$?) to Europe with some of “their” crew & just kicked it under the premise of Dame being there to build the brand. They went to a fashion show, Puff was there dressed in a suit handling REAL Bu$ine$$ & all these cats did was buy tons of weed to smoke in Amsterdam with Dame steady talking about how he wishes he could get Cam/Jimmy & other ROC artists to come to Europe. Every time these cats landed they had like 6 Benzes rented to drive them around, Biggs even took a private jet back to Amsterdam so a flunky white dude could buy more weed & then take a train back to Paris or wherever they were because the other weed got confiscated when they landed!!! Tons of $$$$ wasted on BS & this was still when Jay was with then but the end was near because you see Dame listening to ’03 Bonnie & Clyde without even knowing it had ever been recorded!!!

  • Strong Enough

    i fuckin hate flex. so corny

  • young extra

    regardless of how relevant or not his talk is I’m just always amazed how antipathetic that man can be.
    Disgusting personality.

    • young extra

      He made some serious points though

  • Abibi Fawohodie

    All Black people are are tools for White people. White people call us inferior and yet they want us to stay close to them so they can control us and use us if we have a talent. Whites have Black people so caught up on this post racial, non racial world so they can create a buffer class to breed us out or only put mulattoes… Were are the large all black enslaves where African culture and African business thrive….. Black man gets millions or billions and why arent White men excluded from that. White people need us to suck our bones dry.