Game Announces ‘The Documentary 2′

The Game Hosts Bresee Foundation 9th Annual Youth Film Festival On Social Justice

Part II.

Game isn’t playing. During his interview with the LA Leakers, Chuck revealed that he’s releasing his debut follow-up, The Documentary 2 next January and has plans to bring Just Blaze, Scott Storch and Dr. Dre for production.

Last week, the rapper announced his deal with eOne and new album, Blood Money La Familia. Listen to his latest track, “Bigger Than Me” here.

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  • Pauzi

    Don’t understand why he dissed the guys on the XXL Freshmen Cover thou smh…

    • DOShow85

      For attention.

      • B_G_

        He dissed em cuz Durk is on there & he’s saying if he made it then eybody’s weak. Also he did it for attention cuz that’s all he remembers outta the old 50 Cent playbook.

    • dont be stupid

      Do you listen to rap or do you just skim through it ?

      They had the worst freestyles since the freshmen thing started popping.

      Anyone who thinks different is more than likely pro-nu skool .

      What the fuck is rap turning into

      • yo

        i feel u

        rap is backwards

        the great are untouched while the whack are on top

      • Nigel


  • Batman

    Damn…Game you might want to rethink this homie. The Documentary was a borderline classic!! Don’t tarnish its legacy and your reputation homie

    • bcro31

      Rappers have to stop doing this. You can’t create something like the original ten years later. Em, Wayne, banks, jay z all tried the hype died down when the public hears the product. Not as good as the original.

      • splifffnissssticity

        Hunger for more 2 was. that is a dpe album brought back banks from the brink

        • bcro31

          Yeah your right. Hfm2 was a good sequel.

      • Cmon Son

        Deadass…I mean in general niggas need to be more creative instead of milking their only artistic breakthrough. No need to have sequels and 3-4 parts of the same “series” when there isn’t even a theme that ties the parts together

      • Mr. Real Talk

        BP2 was dope tho!

        • bcro31

          D It was okay. Had some songs on there that were 03 bonnie and clyde, oppingtags was a banger the watcher with Rakim and dre was good. But for a double album to many filler songs

      • smale45

        MMLP 2 was awesome. And it had a perfectly fine reason to be called MMLP 2.

  • Trillionare

    FOH… 50 or Dre not going to be apart of it so it aint going to be official.

    • Trav

      So Doctor’s Advocate was shit right. No 50 or Dr. Dre involvement. Would be great with them but if he locked in he straight.

      • smale45

        it’s not about that you dumb idiot. It’s a follow up to Documentary, best album game ever released. Without Fif and Dre, he might as well call it Doctors Advocate 2.

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

    You cant follow this up without 50!

    • Dat Boar Who killedking robert

      your name lol

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad


  • LOL

    Dr. Dre better produce the bulk of the album

  • SkillzOnSite

    The previous pic suited this post better

  • Whis Master

    Game Bin Laden

  • tha OG

    The game is on his hustle shit!!!

  • inf

    Documentary 2 without 50 & Dre is like Belly 2 without X or Nas..

    • yo


    • Damien Rome

      That’s a horrible comparison. More like Belly 2 without Hype Williams. Which could still happen, Hype aint what he used to be.

      • Dan Karlin

        Belly would have been a great movie if it weren’t just such a terrible, terrible movie…

    • PTK

      i see what you did there.

  • yo

    could this be the game album can finally listen to

    red album and his last one sucked … there were to mainstream

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

      this will be the same just a throwback title for hype

    • Non Fiction Dixon

      Jesus Piece was not mainstream and it was one of the best albums 2012

      • Dan Karlin

        The R.E.D. Album didn’t suck. It was just horribly unfocused and tried to be everything for everybody. Jesus Piece was definitely a step up, and deserved more recognition than it got.

        I don’t know what to expect from Documentary 2, but seeing that Game is prone to impulsiveness and saying just about anything to get press, there’s a really good chance it’s just a publicity stunt.

  • THE guest

    he the black eminem right? so this shit gonna be like the marshall mathers lp 2….

    • lol


  • Church

    50 ,ace that albi, so he’ll have to be a part or write for it.
    Plus it needs Dre music.
    Just a wack titled
    Failed out the gate.

  • Plan42

    It’s indeed curious how he plans to execute on this project. There will certainly be pushbacks.

  • Coroner

    What’s up with Game’s face. His barber got kill killed or what?

  • Kelly Locket

    whore in my pictureee on here is jenna.. bitch slept with my best m8.. clicck on my profiile if you want see her pussy pic haha, fk her 999

  • BlueScalise

    The Documentary sold 5 Million because he rode the 50 Cent Wave and 50 Cent wrote the hits. . Period.

  • Get Moneynigga

    Who really gives fuck about the title of your album… “Documentary 2″ nigga it’s not going to sound nothing close to the “Documentary” which dropped in 05′…50 wrote 6 songs for em…2 of em were in the top 5…Dr.Dre exucutive produced the album and he was buzzing off being the new artist from the westcoast and being associated with G-Unit…this nigga gonna sell 60,000-75,000 in 1st week sales no plat once again

    • smale45

      Jesus piece did like 90 or 120k first week. and even tho it was more like DJ Khaled album. If he can sell 100k of jesus piece first week, then with right material he can easily do 200k with documentary 2.

      • Get Moneynigga

        That’s not gonna happen…200k in the 1st week? nah homie…Game is a lyrical beast but the last album that did good numbers for em was that 06′ album [The Doctor's Advocate] his last 3 albums has been good numbers,if we talking now days when it come to ppl buying music…Game is a lyrical beast no doubt about that but he ain’t doing 200k in the 1st week and he ain’t going platinum again…50 want neither

        • smale45

          bro. I just told you that game sold 100k first week not even a full year ago… And the album was more like a mixtape than an actual album. If he puts in work for Documentary 2, he can easily reach 200k first week. The artist reach he has is ridiculous. He can get a feature from almost any rapper.
          And speaking of Fifty. His album sucks and everyone knew it won’t do big numbers. Fif can’t fuck with Game musically right now. Fifs music has 0 longevity, his video clips are awful, his promo team sucks balls. Fif went from street hustler, to a mega super star to a show biz small time hustler. All his little business ventures. DVD movies, SK, SMS headphones ( of which some are very good) and a bunch of other shit. Don’t bring Fif’s name as a competitor in music or whatever. He’s a failure. Even g-unit reunion is dying of. Talked about Jesus is dope as fuck, real quick was nice, nah i’m talking about was meh. but that’s it. Fif and Game needs to reunite if they want to actually save their carriers

          • Get Moneynigga

            1st off lil nigga you ain’t telling me shit,who the fuck you think you is…you ain’t dealing with one of theez bitch ass niggas that be pussy in real life…nigga I meant everything I posted,Game will never do over 200k his 1st week again and I see you”ll real dick eater when it come to Game…50 and G Unit don’t fuck with that bipolar,suicidal,disloyal ass nigga…so lil nigga stop prayin #NahImTalkingBout

          • Get Moneynigga

            You really fuck with 50 huh?…I see you kno everything about him,he must be yo father or sumthn…that shit crazy on how a bitch ass nigga like you can kno so much about one nigga but can hate on the nigga at the same time…aye bitch ass nigga how much money did 50 get from the sale of Vitamin Water? Are you sure 50 fucked Miya,becuz she said he lying? Why 50 never mention you,I mean you his son right? Nah you can’t be becuz you”ll bitch ass nigga

  • smale45

    was Game’s nose always so big ? i mean, god damn homie.

  • Kay-R

    Game ain’t on a major record label now. He can deliver gangsta shit and can make sumthing similar to The DOC’s status if he hooked up wit these producers. This will be interesting.