• Uncle Tom

    Why are people co-signing this queer. I’m not ready and will never embrace a nigga that rides rainbows and shops at sephora on his spare time in hip hop

    • Lucky Lefty

      Why do you care what the nigga does outside of the MUSIC? Dislike him for his music, not cuz of how he lives his life. You’re too caught up in it, homie…never that real. Lol

      • Uncle Tom

        First of all hip hop isn’t just music, it’s a lifestyle. Suspect niggas like you co-signing this gay wack ass music is why the culture is in ruins. In the words of Riley freeman “nigga you gay”. I dislike the nigga because his music is garbage and he’s playing peekaboo in the closet in hip hop and now I dislike you because you’re consigning this bullshit.

        • Lucky Lefty

          You’re reaching. I’m subject to question your sexuality to feel so uncomfortable with a man’s that you don’t even know. Yes, I agree with your remark on what hip hop is. But I saw the same niggas clown Kanye for wearing Polos and sweaters with bears on them. So, your argument is quite flawed if you agree that someone like Kanye is hip hop. Relax bruh, I can’t take you serious.

          • whyyouhangwithniggasnamedmooli

            But kanye wasn;t dressing in drag and shit, man.

      • Wink Westwood

        bruh, anybody on here that can’t put their real face on here can never be takin serious or consider theirselves real. Everything that dude said is falling on blind eyes. I agree with you, I don’t care what they do outside of music as long as it’s the life they really live or they say they are doing it for another reason.

  • Marv

    smh at gangsta gibbs for doin a track with young thug

  • whocares

    Hate if you want, that nigga Young Thug is killing shit!!!

    • walkerboy86

      ye he is killing hip hop

  • The Incredible Creation

    Thank God for new Gibbs shit… http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/

  • smh

    Gangsta Gibbs!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Young Thug hot now cause his diffrent. gucci mane and cross dressing got him on.

  • slim

    Not a fan of young thug. Didn’t expect to see this combo of artist but it works. Major win for gibbs cuz young thug got the world’s attention right now & he bodied his verse.

  • LP1087

    Least I could hear what the ni99a sayin’ a lil. Still wouldn’t get behind this Freddie, record knock tho

  • BMO

    This song go crazy. stop hating on thug