Wiz Khalifa Returns To Breakfast Club


No Flench Zone

The Breakfast Club welcomes TGod back to the show. This time around he spoke on Blacc Hollywood’s concept and executive producing it, the variety of artists on the Under The Influence tour, Tyga backing out of the tour and more.



Back on Power 105 today, Wiz spoke on his recent bust for weed and thoughts on having weed carriers. He also discussed “We Dem Boyz” success, the upcoming remix, social media, Taylor Gang roster and more. Yes, we miss Lola too.



For the first time since becoming a pop, Wiz returned to Power 105 today. He spoke on fatherhood, Amber Rose, Converse deal, working with Gucci and of course smoking. Check out Amber’s new tattoo below.


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  • Pardonmyswag

    Wiz just a cool ass nigga.. Has a different spirit about him

  • Rozay

    pretty sure Dwayne Wade a shoe deal with coverse before, Wiz said he was the first one with a converse shoe deal not just with hip hop.

  • StarFox64

    nothing is gonna be as bad as those pug tats..

  • Nope

    y she get a tat of Sonny digital on her arm?

  • Rozay if u didn’t know d wade is a basketball player that’s wat they do endorse shoes wiz is a rapper they never endorsed a muscian before smart guy


    HAHAHA right!! But shit still wack.. ima get a tattoo of my mans face on my arm yalllll

  • YungDom

    Amber Rose is a down ass chic S/O to tha Wiz, tha new kid, and Amber

  • IKEEPIT100

    This kid fell off once fab said that line about how nowadays niggas only rap about weed”

  • Batman

    This dude sold out so hard that calling him a sell out might be an understatement

  • As corny as this FuckBoy may be, I appreciate the fact that he stay in his own lane.. “Weed, Cars & Money”

  • wiz looks like a cockroach with shades on

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Wiz is such a pro at these interviews, super cohesive; getting the message across in a cohesive personality