Killer Mike Returns To Breakfast Club


Bigga Club.

Mike Bigga recently returned to The Breakfast Club. He plugged his upcoming Run The Jewels 2 EP with El-P. More importantly, he directed the conversation on Trayvon Martin, most recent deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown.


Killer Mike broke bread with Power 105 this morning. During his chat, he spoke on media outlets overlooking his project and much more.

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  • blv

    Love that album

  • 412East

    Power 105 is in NY. Power 106 is in LA

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  • R.A.P Music was in my top 2 last year along with Control System

  • Dope interview


    Great interview. Elliott needs to take notes because that was the truth.

  • ROYALmike

    Killer Mike always keep it real, had that 50 cent mindset but not as successful

  • Lostprodigy

    Shout out to killer kill from the vill…dope interview

  • Homie

    that damn killa is one dope rapper

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    Can’t say enough about this interview right chea! Killer Mike is one of the best doing it right now, and probably one of the best to ever do it. His body of work is amazingly consistent, controversial and just amazing! I first got into him when he dropped the “Monster” album, and it’s been all uphill from there for him. I’m ecstatic to hear what the next PLEDGE album and R.A.P. Music II have to offer because I know he has a whole lot more to say!

    • wow

      Sooo i’m guessing you’ve done your part by Reblogging this? …. get off the internet and organize

  • FOH

    that’s that conspiracy theory bullshiiiiit talk… listenin’ to him made sense to me… illuminati won’t let him in cuz he talkin’ that neanderthal logic lol…. hence why he won’t ever “make it”, so to speak! and how is he talkin’ about satire wit his shirt, wit the do dope (don’t work out) when his fat ass is overweight and unhealthy!! walkin’ contradiction lol

  • wow

    Shooting of Eric Garner? Come on Big Homie

    • Might as well had shot him, would’ve been an easier death smh

  • intelligentsoul

    Dope interview. Eye opening

  • Han


  • raj

    Good stuff…great interview…