Rick Rubin Ice Bucket Challenge

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.34.26 PM

Cold Pray.

Just when you thought the ALS ice bucket challenges we’re cooling off, think again. Accepting Eminem‘s challenge, Rick Rubin takes it a step further with a chilly bath. Talk about being iced out.

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  • t

    This MF is NUTTZ


  • Michael Ib bett

    Batista from wwe did this a week or so ago. ..he said ice baths is like a daily thing anyways

  • YouPussyThenPullYourPantiesUp

    FUck you wanna see that fuck nigga frank ocean do the challenge for. He to busy taking the shithole challenge.

  • Barcelona Boy_

    I can’t even lie.. That video was the sickest IceBucket challenge I’ve seen.

  • That shit looked cold as shit!

  • Free Agentz

    Man shid…he got it!

  • yaup

    Thanks for ruining eminems second album bruv.

  • this old muthafucka is wild wouldnt catch me doing that lol

  • Jake Zero

    The Ice Bucket chalenge is just another way to say; “Look who my famous friends are”. And with that, I nominate Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and The Queen.

    • OhjuMadBruh

      Oprah already did it with Gale and Obama declined