T.I. ‘Paperwork: The Motion Picture’ Cover

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.46.50 PM

More Work.

All eyes are on T.I. And he puts it all on paper for the cover art of his ninth solo album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture. Album drops October 21.

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    The best to ever do it

  • true story no lie

    Should be really good album. I expect tip to show up & show out. I’m not sure if I like the cover. It goes with the concept so fuck it.

  • Carlos Danger

    this dude doing a trilogy but he being slick about it paper trial was an awesome album tho this should be like it or better…over at twitter @rackscarsass

  • 55:16

    Why does it seem like some of these comments are paid advertisements?

    T.I. is about to drop another pop album (featuring Iggy Azalea, Young Thug, and Skylar Grey).

  • Masebetha

    Album of the year !!! But the cover is soso !

  • Michael Ib bett

    It reminds me of the black panthers for some reason. ..is it supposed to?

  • Killyoself Asap

    Why you gonna have a cover like that tryin to portray an image like you a gangsta catchin cases, when everbody know this is gonna be a pop radio album as usual? You know what it is with T nowadays when it comes to an album, you get 1 or 2 decent tracks n the rest is lite ass pop filler dance music shit. I know he got a family now n all that shit- I can even understand if he dont wanna be on that trap shit neither but dont come with all that tough talk n court case shit on album covers then. Talk about you makin lemonade in the mornin n walkin to yo mail box, keep it real

  • Yup

    Tip out raps almost all these niggas on the regular, I hope this shit is 100 times better than Trouble Man though