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Looks like not is all too well with Drizzy after all. This morning, Breezy was back on Power 105 to discuss a few topics and threw in a few jabs at Drake, Ri Ri, The-Dream and more. Oy vey!

The Breakfast Club has a conversation with Chris Brown. Says him and Drake aren’t friends and Karruchee or Rihanna can’t do better than him as far as dating in the music industry said Rihanna had to get with Leonardo Dicaprio because she couldn’t date a corny, singing rapper (Drake), says the only reason the media won’t forgive him the way they forgave Justin Bieber is because Bieber is white, says when it causes to trouble 50% he causes on himself the other 50% is media propaganda, says he doesn’t want to get married he just wants to have babies, replies to Dream saying R&B singers like Chris act like rappers, says the Dream seems mad that he can’t do what he does, maybe chicks don’t flock to Dream like they do him and Trey, says maybe Dream shouldn’t be an artist and just write and more!!!



Yesterday, Breezy swung by Power 105 to promote his new single, “Fine China“. He spoke on his next album X, relationship with Rihanna, beef with Drake, rumors of drug usage and more.

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  • Black Shady

    good interview. just finished watching it on the BFC website

  • hi haterz

    American society makes it so his past, aka pulverizing a woman with his hands, will become just that- the past! Land of second, third, tenth chances! And can we stop the MJ comparisons… Sure they both sing and dance, but he’s more of a poor man’s version of said legend! Then again if Mike can get past the child molestation issues, i guess it makes sense a woman beater can get back on track! Granted he has “grown”, for lack of a better word, in terms of not running from his actions anymore, and not being a child when asked about, but every dog has his day- anything short of rape or pedophilia! Though this choir boy act he’s doing in these interviews is far more calculated than his post-rih rih act. Cuz he says “im not a thug” but sure attempts to act like one. See Frank Lotion, the parking valet, and his “raps”. He reminds me of Ray J with that duality lol

  • the brain trust

    @ Hi Haterz STFU you self righteous piece of filth.

    You’re the type of scumbag who wouldn’t utter a syllable if a woman was forgiven after pummelling her boyfriend, but because the ‘big bad man’ did it, you want him to be executed.

    What do you know about their relationship? Do you know what happened prior to the brutal beatdown? No? Then shut your blood clot mout.

    Btw, great interview.

  • logan

    @hi haterz you mad chris fucked your bitch bye hater!

  • df

    charlamenga is a girl

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  • chaebs

    Great interview, I’m glad to see he’s growing and is just being honest about it all.

  • hell

    “every dog has his day- anything short of rape or pedophilia”

    And yet you JUST said that you favor Michael Jackson… what an ironic name you have, hater.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    It was a good interview with Ike Turner Jr. I would pay to see Chris vs Drake in a boxing match. 50’s SMS can do the promo for the event.

  • king

    @hi hater your mother cunt @df you too suck your mother with a straw

  • Yeezus Christ

    chris is so awesome no one someone can hate on this dude

  • hi haterz

    Experiment worked !!!!
    Wayyyyyy to easy…
    Thx for confirming, little minions 🙂

  • yak

    ^well THAT was weak

  • Capricorn Religion

    You know what, he seem like a regular ass dude just trying to get his money an chill. I can’t front, the way the Media portray him had painted a much different image in my head….

    Did he fucked up? Yeah. The word “Perfect” doesn’t exist. Things happen

    Is it time to move on? Yes (I’m talking to you “Law & Order). Besides, all this shit about what Chris Brown did always left me the odd man out when I asked:

    “Okay so, what did she SAY to make him do that?”

    Females know just what to say to trigger that nerve in a dude. I don’t condone what he did but, still…. Anyway, cool IV

  • The Other P

    MJ comparisons? More like Bobby Brown and even that’s a stretch but the self destructive behavior & having a piece of pussy have your mind all fucked up is more intune with Bobby.

    CB stays in some shit. Frank Ocean, the 10 dollar valet incident, etc. This nigga stays in some shit &that’s just the shit that makes internet. @ some point or another he’s got to start with the man in mirror & realize rockstar lifestyle, might not make it.

    • Epul

      Did you just quote Gucci mane?

  • Me

    Love Chris. He answered everything and was open!

  • jayzuz

    WOMAN BEATER!!!!!!!

  • lmao
  • I heard he was a Cokehead but in this interview he acts like he may have his addiction under control. And that’s good. Still waiting for that relationship to blow up in his face though.

    “If you’re looking for me I’m in the ATL”

  • These dudes be clowning lol.

  • tre

    good interview

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I hate these old post.


      so weird how they stack old interviews but dont combine posts for songs with the music videos when they come out

      • el jim chapo guzman

        You right.

      • Greenbergs

        they wont be able to read all the comments and see how the artists reception is..

  • Support & Empower Blackmen

    #Support & #Empower #Blackmen


    32:38 “I respect 50 the most out of anybody”

  • Greenbergs

    this shit is the wackest beef of all time…im being for serious..

  • topdollaraz

    please proofread before posting. LAWD!