• FiremanHans





  • Effen

    not feeling it

    • Effen = Piss

      The only thing you feel is dick between your cheeks faggot, Effen taste like urine Team Ciroc All day bitch

      • Effen

        you’re muslim, you don’t drink.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    that song was ass and I’m a Eminem fan.

  • jlUK

    Can’t even get an Eminem verse and he’s on Shady Records. Em messed up their second album and now we probably won’t hear another Slaughterhouse record.

    • I miss Em’s 1999-2006 consistency. Dude was flowing like no other, producing his own albums AND other niggas albums, was featured on madd dope songs… Now I just look forward to hoping he puts out a good song. If he makes more music along the lines of “Elevator” “Brainless” “Fine Line” & “So Much Better” he’s good, but once he starts getting on this rock n’ roll and pop kick, it can become cringe worthy to hear… Hard listening to someone who gave us The Eminem Show, then listening to a song like “Right For Me” smh

      • tina.muro

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    • please em dropped plenty verses with SH he dont have to be all on everything

  • L Train


  • Trash, I only listen to my chocolate hubby 50 Cent <3

    • Bks Finest

      “you keep posting this other dude’s picture like i give a fuck”

      clearly you do give a fuck lmao

  • It would’ve been dope as an actual hop hop track instead of this fragmented conceptualized whatever it was