TIDAL: Rick Ross Side Hustle

Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show


When it comes to business outside of music, Rick Ross pretty much wings it. Pun intended. In the latest episode of TIDAL’s Side Hustle, Adelle Platon gets the scoop on how Rozay earns in income with his Wingstop and Checkers franchise.

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  • Officer Ricky

    This fat fraud a joke

  • el jim chapo guzman

    All these MMG are fucking fakes , they scream keep it real or 100 yet they are the complete opposite no wonder MMG is dead.

    • L Train

      Fake is an understatement these ni🧔🏿🧔🏿As are using fake names and profiting off of them. Rick Ross and Meek Millz are alive and well, these two imposters should not be accepted unless your fake too

      • el jim chapo guzman


      • Gary Nicotine

        50 Cent is using 50 Cents’ name.

        Many a rapper use other people’s name as their rap name. Any rapper named Gotti (Kurupt, Irv Gotti, Yo Gotti, Gotti and Boo, etc), Makaveli (2pac), Escobar (Nas); record label Rocafella (Rockefeller), Freeway (Freeway Ricky Ross), Wale (Folarin/Ralph Lauren), Tony Yayo and French Montana both took from Tony Montana albeit a fictional character, and so on and so forth.

        • L Train

          Meek Millz was already a rapper before taMeeka started to use his name, pig Ross tried to say he never heard of the real Rick Ross it’s different from you references

          • Gary Nicotine

            You need to come up with a better plausible argument. Nice try though.

          • L Train

            Everyone you named used people that weren’t involved with the culture. Freeway Rick Ross was a real person still alive and breathing, matter of a fact he went to court trying to stop this fat fuck from using his name. TaMeeka knew who the real Meek Millz was and chose to use his name anyway. My point is two fake ni🧔🏿🧔🏿as profiting off of some real ni🧔🏿🧔🏿as , if you co sign that shit you’re a sucka too.

          • Gary Nicotine

            A. Give us a plausible reason why Freeway Ricky Ross didn’t sue rapper Freeway.

            B. What’s the rules on using somebody’s name as your rap alias?

            C. If you really thought Freeway Ricky Ross stood a chance in court against rapper Rick Ross, then you need to study a bit of Law.

          • L Train

            he accepted freeway using his name because he did it respectfully.
            Do not use another a rapper name if he’s still active
            I didn’t think he was going to win, he just was tryin to expose him

  • fuck a CO

    if he was really a boss he would have started his own restaurant instead of making money for some old rich white guys by franchising

  • Gary Nicotine

    The Rick Ross Hater Central doesn’t take a day-off. Damn!

    • #METOO

      We don’t support date rapists. Or the police.

      • Gary Nicotine

        Sorry that you were raped. Seek help, dude.

    • Mary

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