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Dungeon Family Movie On The Way

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In life, there are a coupla things that I’ve come to grips with:

1. There is no Santa Claus.

2. The Knicks will probably never win a championship.

3. Big Boi’s solo debut Sir Luscious Left: The Son of Chico Dusty will drop after the second coming of Christ.

Nonetheless, in the clip Andre’s patna’ tells UNN a Dungeon Family movie is in the works and that Sir Luscious will have 16 tracks. I’ll believe it when i see it.

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Big Daddy Kane x Scion Documentary
big daddy kane card

As reported here yesterday, automaker Scion produced a documentary short called BDK on iconic rapper and former Playgirl model, Big Daddy Kane. Apparently, the entire 16 min flick is available online, but can’t be embedded. So make like a movie ticket and rip it apart.

“It’s crazy how they changed Brooklyn all around man. It’s like you come out here and seeing Starbucks and all types of other lil’ goofy ass stuff

Young Jeezy Makes Kanye’s 808’s Tighter

Words: Brian “B.Dot” Miller

So far, Young Jeezy is having the best week year ever. Still reveling in the success from last year’s aptly titled The Recession, this January, Da Snowman became the official spokesman for Belvedere Vodka, Then last week, inked a deal with management firm Hip-Hop Since 1978 (Kanye West and Lil Wayne). Sweetening the pot, this summer he makes his acting debut alongside Ice Cube and Mike Epps in the comedy Janky Promoters. Sitting down with RapRadar, Jeezy talks about on his new deal, film, and writing for Kanye West.

You recently signed your management deal with Hip-Hop Since 1978. Why did you hook up with them at this stage of your career?
It got to the point where I wanted to focus just on my music and I wanted to trust somebody else to put it in they hands. So I just took my Louis Vuitton backpack off and put it on them for a minute. I been doing a lot for myself, but sometimes you just gotta expand your game and the way you do that is get linked with people. That what they do for a living, all day everyday.