Author: B.Dot

Jay-Z’s The Richest Man In Hip-Hop

According to Forbes, Jigga Man’s got plenty money.

The Brooklyn-born rapper pulled in an estimated $35 million over the past 12 months, topping our annual list of Hip-Hop Cash Kings. It’s far from the $82 million he made last year, but more than enough to reclaim the crown from 2008’s monarch, 50 Cent. The Queens native drops to fourth place with $20 million, down from $150 million a year ago.

Heads Up: Woooha

The Game On Tour (Madrid, Spain) Part 2

In case you can’t bear Jayceon’s shenanigans for 30 minutes, here’s a play-by-play:
4:47 mark: Game’s friend Plays Chess By Himself
7:33 mark: Bigs Up Jay-Z
8:55 mark: Disses Jay-Z
11:35 mark: Disses Jay-Z Again (plugs: Jay-Z Breath Aroma Sticks)
15:56 mark: Gets Jumped Over By A BMX Rider
19:35 mark: Tries To Buy A Guy’s Sandals Jon Clettas
20:44 mark: Cops The Chron Clettas
23:50 mark: Speaks With Charlie Chaplin
27:18 mark: Exposes Mickey Mouse