Author: B.Dot

Rick Ross Calls 50 Cent “A Human Yeast Infection”

In this month’s XXL, Officer Ricky goes for the jugular:

“50 Cent is very cunning, and I’ll give him that, but, at the end of the day, he’s a human yeast infection…I have no agenda to end his career. His music is doing that. What I’m doing is speaking for the South and what we on. We not on that vibe….You gotta understand, in the South you go to the hood, niggas ain’t on laptops. Niggas don’t go to Worldstar.”

He’s right, they go to RapRadar. Ha! The May issue of XXL is on newsstands now.

Photo: Jonathan Mannion

Help Wanted: Kid Cudi Needs Beats

Consider this is a public service announcement:

ATTENTION PRODUCERS!!! — G.O.O.D Music/Universal’s artist Kid Cudi b.k.a. The Man on the Moon, needs beats ASAP to complete his album.  But, not just any beats, he needs uptempo hip-hop beats with NO HOOKS.  So, if you think you got what it takes, submit your beats (max 3 per producer) to:

[email protected]

Make sure you include your contact info and the names of your tracks so we can reach out to you if you qualify.

If you’d like more information about Kid Cudi or catch his vibe, visit:

For everyone else, forward your shitty tracks to Joe Budden. He hearts bad production.