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Maino Explains On Stage Breakdown
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Maino phones in with the 1515 Boys about his on stage meltdown last Saturday in Long Island. Apparently, the jakes shot and paralyzed his homie, “80”.
“I just had a lot on my mind. I had a lot of stuff I was holding in and wasn’t letting out.

When I got there, it was overwhelming. The part that was overwhelming

was that it was so much love. I started thinking about where I’ve been

in my life and how hard it was for me to get here — it’s like a

miracle. I started getting a little emotional, about not just that, but

my homie, my brother, who is a very important part in my life not just

in my career. I can’t really say too much about the situation because it’s dealing with

an ongoing investigation,” he explained. “I’ve been advised that I

really couldn’t get into the specifics of the case, you feel me? But

the fact of the matter is: The police shot him and it’s definitely

unjustified, but that will all come out later on.”

Kanye x Lady Gaga Like Girls, That Like Girls
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Lady Gaga tells the 1515 Boys that Kanye’s interpretation of “Poker Face” was right on the nose.
“It’s funny, because a lot of my fans were like, ‘Gaga, Kanye wrote

a song … and it’s not about what your record’s about. Your record is

about gambling. And this song is about dirty sex things. I said to them, ‘You’re wrong. Kanye was right, that’s exactly what this song is about. The record is about

how I used to fantasize about women when I was with my boyfriend. It

was, like, really exciting that he had so much insight into what the

song was about. He’s a cool guy.”