Author: B.Dot

RR Exclusive: Cam’Ron “Hey Ma” x “Welcome To New York City” x “Dipset Anthem”

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Killa thumbs through his catalogue and unearths more powerful music. After the cut, peep the Jay-Z and Dipset-less versions of “Welcome To NYC” and “Dipset Anthem,” respectively. 

RR Exclusive: Cam’Ron “Oh Boy” x “Down And Out” x “The Roc (Just Fire)”

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In the clips, Killa runs through cuts from his days on Jigga’s imprint. Listen closely to the end of “Oh Boy,” Cam says: “Just me, yes, no Santana.” Damn. Guess it was fun while it lasted. “Down and Out” and “The Roc (Just Fire)” after the jump, doggy.