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Happy B’Day Beyoncé

Today is Mrs. Carter’s 28th birthday. And according to baby sis Solange, they’re gon break out their freak em dresses and do-me-pumps this Labor day weekend. Have fun ladies. Take it easy on them OK, paps? Below is footage from of her celeb pals and fans. My, they grow up so fast. *tear*


T-Pain Tests Out His iPhone App


Auto-Tune may be six feet under, but that doesn’t stop T-Pain from exhuming a couple dollars. Check him out demonstrating his iPhone application “I Am T-Pain” for some of his celebrity pals. You guys are T-Paining too much.

Props: RS

“Jigga That Nigga” Was For N.O.R.E.

In the “Making of The Blueprint” feature found in the October XXL, Tone of The Trackmasters reveals that “Jigga That Nigga” was crafted for N.O.

Tone: Jay doesn’t even know it was [originally] was for N.O.R.E. [Laughs] N.O.R.E doesn’t know it was for N.O.R.E. That’s funny. It was actually the same joint, but with the word  “N.O.R.E.” Instead of  “Jigga,” it was “ N.O.R.E.”

Is it too late for a remix? Issue hits newsstands everywhere September 15th.

{mp3}05 jigga that nigga{/mp3}