Author: B.Dot


*Sigh* After six years and 50 amazing issues, sources have confirmed that KING magazine has been dethroned due to tough economic times. Their final issue will hit newsstands nationwide April 21 and will feature Joe Budden’s wifey, Tahiry.

“I can only imagine how busy Twitter is right now over this,” quips an unidentified staffer. “I thought we had at least one more issue in us, but in general, I saw it. It definitely sucks, but what can we do, you know?”

As a former contributor, this is especially painful. Shouts to Jermaine, Sean, JFK, Lauren, Matt, Meghan, and Datwon for the ink-credible work over the years. *roll the credits* 

Jadakiss Talks Twitter


While promoting his new album, The Last Kiss, at the 2:53 mark, Jason talks about the importance of having a mean Twitter game.

“I was doing satellite radio and Angela Yee. She was like, “Kiss, you got to get on Twitter” I say ‘What’s Twitter?! I signed up right there. I got about a thousand followers. Now, I’m up to prolly like six, seven, eight thousand followers. So, yeah. Diddy is on Twitter, Shaq. All type of people. Twitter is poppin! The NBA is on Twitter!”

And so is YN and Rap Radar. F-f-follower the leaders.

Props: Big Ced