Author: B.Dot

RR Listening: Jadakiss “The Last Kiss”

Reported live from the house Russell and Rick built:

1. “Pain & Torture”

When it comes to producers, Buckwild’s a name you can trust. And on this booming track, Jada talks greasier than a can of WD-40. 

2. “Can’t Stop Me” Featuring Ayannna Irish

Not even the Ashford and Simpson-penned sample (Ross!) could get this track high enough on the charts.

3. “Who’s Real” Featuring Swizz Beatz and OJ Da Juiceman

Putting Jada and OJ on the same track is like mixing vodka and milk. Yuck.

4. “Grind Hard” Featuring Mary J Blige

It’s a 914 thing. The track has an electro bounce to it and meshes well with Mary’s vocals. 

5. “Something Else” Featuring Young Jeezy

Dark and moody guitar strings back Jason and Jay. But honestly, it’s better suited for the Snowman with lines like: “See these blood diamonds, my chain African.” Yep, ignorance is bliss and I’m cheesing from ear to ear.