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You Got The Juice Now?


I still can’t believe there’s really a rapper named OJ Da Juiceman. He betta be a killa. Speaking of which, did Cam show up for this? I’d be shocked if he did. Giles has always been on some, now you see him, now you don’t shit.

Rhymefest Throws Charles Hamilton Under The Bus (Again)


God. Damn. Rhymefest recently sat down with blog roll occupant, Karen Civil and ripped Dukie Hamilton a new one.

“This is hip-hop. This ain’t for bitch niggas. This ain’t for bitch bitches. This ain’t for pussies. This is hip-hop. If you say something about somebody or to a muthafucka, be ready to respond.”

“I am a man. I’m a not a little cutesy muthafucka with smedium sweaters. I’m not a hipster. I’m fuckin’ hip-hop. I am hip-hop. I am Wu-Tang, I am Chuck D, I am LL Cool J. I’m El Che. I am Rhymefest. I am not, the guy that sells headphones at the Mac store. That is not me.”

Who Got The Props? Karen Civil