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Cop Capo CD

I did my part. Y’all lamed out.

Seriously, the packaging in the deluxe edition is ill and is worth the loot. And Jim even thanks you know who.


Thank you for everything, it was fun while it lasted, I wouldn’t trade it for a billion dollars. “Jomo”


RR Exclusive: dead prez “Stimulus Plan” (DJ Green Lantern)
dead prez

“Slavery was about money.”

True Story: Was supposed to break this bad boy on opening day, but the Evil Genius put me back in the bullpen. But now that everyone knows Green Lantern is in the dead prez business, I can now share. Here’s the jump off (not the first single) from the Pulse of The People due on 6/23/09.  

“Stimulus Plan”

[youtube= plan_ prod. by dj green lantern]

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Peter Rosenberg vs. WWE Superstars


“Yo, call me the Bob Backlund, I’ll break backs on hoes that look like Toni Braxton.”

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg went one on one with WWE WWF Superstars at the Wrestlemania 25 press conference. It’s crazy that Wrestlemania is in it’s 25th year. Remember when they sold out the Pontiac Silver Dome?! Growing up, Hulk Hogan was a notch below God in my eyes. And whenever Wrestlemania or any PPV rolled around, I had the illegal cable box ready to go— that is of course, until it got too hot and I had to unplug it for 30 seconds. Ah, those were the days.