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Rick Ross Shoots Video in Bronx

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I’m the topless nigga in the hood. Hood! Ricky recently shot a street video for his “Jumpin’ Out The Window” freestyle a.k.a. another 50 Cent diss in the home of hip-hop. This is some pretty excruciatingly boring behind the scenes footage.

Candid Camera: My Brother, My Ace


Internets. I’m featured in this video. Internets. My brother Steven is in this video. Internets. This was in front of the Joe Budden/Slaugterhouse gig at SOB’s where everyone was waiting for Saigon to bumrush the show. Internets. It didn’t happen. Internets. The beef is over. Internets.

Government cheese delivery to Dallas Penn. He’s the best. Internets. The best.

The Reason Why Jim Jones & Co. Go Kufi Smackin’?
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A reliable source spilled the beans that at MTVU’s Spring Break taping yesterday in Panama City, FL, Jim Jones got pissed after Lil Wayne walked past him without acknowledgment. Da Capo then allegedly threw a quick fit and dropped a coupla F bombs in Weezy Wee’s direction. But shit hit the fan, after a Wayne fan threw one back at Jim and his entourage. The above footage appears to capture what happened next.
Props to The Butcher
Jay-Z Got The Best Life
Jay-Z Best Life

The recent Jay-Z Best Life cover story is now available online. The main article is just ahright (hey, I didn’t write it, ha!) but the real highlight is after the jump, Hova’s 6 tips for Money, Power, Respect or at least that’s what I call it.