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Old School Salute: Fearless Four “Rockin’ It”


“And don’t forget the Puerto Rican niggas.”

How bout a lil old school for your Wed morn? And I’m not talkin’ 90’s throwback. I’m talkin old school. The real old school. The YN was in 3rd grade makin’ his mom go to J&R Music World to cop this silver and black 12-inch old school. You down with MP3 yeah you know me. But I still dig me some vinyl as the staff at the RR Mansion can attest. 

Anyways, here’s the Mighty Mike C!, MC President. If you only know this song from the way it was butchered on Jay-Z “Sunshine,” then you lost. Pardon my back!

Props: And it’s still Grand Good

Tribute To Ursher’s Classic Confessions

The homie Sha from MTV is at it again. He just put a tribute up of the last great R&B album. Has it really been 5 years since Usher changed the game with Confessions? Shit the first half of that album is still undisputed. “Yeah.” “Throwback.” “Confessions 2.” “Burn.” “Caught Up.” SMH. You can’t even compare it to the last train wreck he put out last year. As a wise man once told me, that shit was “difficult.” But shit, let me step out of the way and let Mr. Reid reflect:

Usher’s Confessions Still Holds Up After Five Years

Sidebar: Number #1 is racist!

DJ Drama’s Gucci Mane Interview


I love it, who needs a radio station to do a radio show. Watch DJ Drama get his Clark Kent on and try to make sense out of the mumblings of Gucci Mane. Can’t believe Mr. Thanks gassed this nigga to think he’s top 5 of anything. Big, Pac, Jay, T.I. and… Gucci? Niggas please.

True story: I’ve been breakin’ Joey IE from Asylum’s balls (no homo) for some exclusive content. So when Gucci came up to Asylum he got him on the phone with B Dot but the convo was so terribly boring, we decided not to run it. This ATLien needs some media training. Mike Jones got more personality than this guy. He must be a killa.

Pharrell Will Dance For Food


Before boarding an early morning flight from Paris, Pharrell makes his way into an airport McDonalds for breakfast. After telling cashier that he might miss his flight, this nigga gets his Leroy Johnson on.

“I want a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries / Icy Coke, Thick Shakes, Sundaes, Apple Pie.”

God, imagine what he’d do for a pork chop. SMH

Props: Rap-Up