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Talib Hearts Twitter

Talib Kweli

Every day a new rapper joins the only social networking site that matters. It’s gettin’ increasingly hard to keep up with all the MCs on there. You can’t make a Jim Jones joke without Tru Life hittin’ you back. Here Reflection Eternal’s finest breaks out the Twitter pom-poms. Be clear: I run Twitter. Even my haters follow me. Ha!

Props: Emoticon

50 Cent Tells KING He’s Recession Proof
50 King Mag

The diligent journalists over at KING, just made the 50 Cent feature found in their current issue available online. In the piece, 50 divulges on how he plans to keep the income, incoming during the recession. And to think, all this time we were just stuffing money underneath the mattress.

Bonus: Curtis “I’ll Whip Your Head Your Boy” Jackson joins Fall Out Boy Tour for a handful of shows.

“Kicking their highly-anticipated US Tour up another notch, Fall Out Boy has announced that acclaimed rapper 50 Cent will join the band on five cities on their

We Don’t Believe You: Kid Cudi

We just put a feature up on this guy and he’s talking about “retiring.” SMH. Rappers get on blogs and social network all over the place and all they end up with is system overload. Then they want to take their ball and go home. You kids are crazy. I’m goin’ to SXSW to talk some sense into you young fools.

Kid Cudi Retires (And he’s sorry like Vanilla)