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Omarion’s Sex Tape?
Omarion YBF

These lil R&B niggas will do anything to stay relevant won’t they. Fresh off his haircut, Mr. You Got Served appears to be swagger jackin’ Ray J and videotaped some X-rated fun with his new ex-stripper wife and her special friend. Oh my.

For all the raunchy, photo-filled foolery: YBF

Bun B Rejects Pharrell’s Production

In an article in today’s Houston Chronicle celebrating the release of the final UGK album, Bun explains why he turned down outside contributors for the project like Pharrell from The Neptunes.

“People needed to hear the UGK they were used to, the way they were used to hearing it,” Bun says. “Pharrell (Williams of the Neptunes) is a really good friend who really wanted to contribute to this album. We were concerned with it fitting in sonically. You don’t just do things just because you can. And I didn’t want it to seem like I was taking advantage of the situation by working with people that I wanted to work with.”

Plus, Skateboard P’s been slippin’ and his recent sonic tunes haven’t exactly been hard to resist. No one’s payin’ a ransom for his tracks anymore. Good call, Bun! Ha!

New Music: J. Cole “Grown Simba”
J Cole

Here’s a spankin’ new cut from Roc Nation’s inaugural artist, J. Cole. I’m no Charles Barkley; but I’m gonna put my money on this yellow nigga, here. No, YN.

“Cause I was broke/ Plus, the weed that I would smoke made it worster/ Lord, please let my problems disappear like Ron Mercer.  

Seriously, Where is that guy?

“Grown Simba”

{mp3}j. cole – grown simba{/mp3} 

Props: 2DB 

Late Pass: Lil Wayne x Juelz Santana “By Myself”
Santana Wayne

“It seems like my day one niggas/ Ain’t actin’ like day one niggas/ I ain’t changed/ I just came up niggas.”

Juelz Santana gave Miss Info four songs from the I Can’t Feel My Face mixtape and like she said this one is the best of the bunch. I also included the Stevie Wonder sample the track is built around. It’s not like these songs are ever officially coming out, so why not? I’m here to educate the youth. Ha!

“By Myself”

[youtube=] [youtube=]

If it don’t apply, then let it fly. Inside joke. Night-night.

Joe Budden Plugs Tahiry’s KING Cover

Speaking of lusting after chicks, the rap nerds’ poster girl Tahiry a.k.a. Mrs. Joe Budden is on the next cover of KING magazine. Here, Jump Off gives a lil’ insight into what’s sure to be a big day in the Internets when those pictures drop. Get your hard drives ready, jerks. Don’t hurt yourselves. Ha!

It turned out amazing. She naturally looks amazing, her shape and her body is definitely one of a kind, naturally. So I anticipate the [cover] shot. I think people are looking for it. And I can’t say I blame them.”

Holla at the homie: Mr. KennedyKennedy!

Slim Thug Wants A Perfect 10
Slim Thug

“Looking for me a bitch look like Beyonce. With an ass like Ciara. And talent like Alicia Keys.”

Guess those Biggie Smalls records really did bump in Houston like Scarface produced ’em. Here’s Slim Thugga gettin’ his dreams of fuckin’ an R&B (and or rap) bitch on. What happened to ole girl that B booted out the group? Oh well, hide your daughters, the big fella is single and ready to mingle.

“Perfect 10 (iTunes Bonus)”

{mp3}slim thug- perfect 10 itunes bonus{/mp3}

Bow Down: YK2

Moment of Clarity: Charles Hamilton vs. Black Spade
Charles H


Black Spade

My homie from The Scratch days, The Gooch wanted to give his take on the beat-jackin’ accusation-filled, finger-pointin’ foolery goin on between Charles Hamilton and Black Spade. The following views don’t necessarily reflect YN’s, but this is my house and I live here. The floor is Mr. Cantor’s.

There’s been much debate going on in the rap blogosphere today about whether or not Charles Hamilton beatjacked St. Louis producer/MC Black Spade for a track he claims he produced and uploaded to his Myspace player in 2007. There’s apparently a dialogue going on between all parties involved (Kenny Fresh, of; Black Spade; and Charles Hamilton), obviously Spade is sticking to his story, and Charles to his.

After carefully listening to each track multiple times, it’s obvious that there are similarities and differences between them. Any time producers are working with samples, there’s the possibility that two different beatmakers can flip the same sample in similar ways. Still, it’s rare that producers will use the same types of drum sounds, the same swing on the rhythm section, same tempo, and so on. Because Spade’s version is a rough mix, you need to listen to each track with a pair of headphones, and you can very clearly hear that young Charles was working off Spade’s skeleton of a track. The whole beat is noticeably beefed up. There are some portions that sound like they have overdubbed vocals and additional layers of keys added, which Charles alluded to in his defense that he actually made the track.

Throwback Track: Asher Roth “Family Man”

Urban legend or in this case White Folk legend says this is the song that got Asher Roth his first record deal. Now with his album droppin’ on 4.20, it’s time to go back to Roth’s roots. Truth be told, this song isn’t half bad if you can block out a chorus that makes me want to shoot your daughter in the calf muscle. Album’s way better.

“Family Man”

{mp3}asher roth-family man{/mp3} 

He’s on fire: Mr. X

New Video: Twista “Wetter”

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891866&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Goin’ to hell for saying this but the first 40 seconds here is so R Kelly. B.Dot’s right, this guy keeps tryin’ to recapture “Slow Jamz.” Does Twista even have any kind of record deal right now? He sure is floodin’ us (pun intended) with new music. Like I said, I fucks with that Game joint but I got my umbrella up on this one. Fuck outta here.

Props: WSHH

Nick and Mariah’s Born Day Adventure in Barbados
Nick and Mariah

Crystal F isn’t in today and I’m too lazy to watermark so do what you do, you ‘net theives. Ha! Above is a look at some fun in the sun that Nick provided for his boo’s born day weekend. After the jump, Mariah’s rump and another raunchier shot that I’ll leave to those dirty gossip sites. I’m classie like Freddie Blassie.