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Jadakiss Documentary Blues
OK, I keep watchin’ these Jadakiss vids and keep waitin’ for my pretty grill to pop up. But, no dice. Was I not nice enough? Didn’t kiss the ass of the Kiss My Ass man enough during my interview? Contrary to popular belief, I need to work on my celebrity jock game. I know. This post is one long pause. Sorry, Charlie.
New Music: Nipsey Hussle x The Slauson Boyz “Roll The Windows Up” (New Verse)

Neighborhood Nip went back in the stu and capped off his heat rock with a spankin’ new verse. 

“A real boss get money on his off day.”

Bullets Ain’t Got No Name Vol. 2 > Whatever shitty mixtape you’re listening to right now.

“Roll The Windows Up” (New Verse)

{mp3}roll em windows up feat. the slausonboyz{/mp3} 

The Clipse’s Pusha T Pushes Product


Is it just me or do these brothers spend more time TALKING about their music then actually puttin’ it out. Stop being tight about the Kanye thing, it ain’t my fault you got snitches on your team. Sneaker’s out. Where’s your song? Remember: I XXL’d you into this world and I can X you out. Ha!

LOL. Just havin’ a lil fun. No real shots. It’s a rainy day and you got sonned. Ha!

Props: Okay from Straight Spittas

Mike Vick’s Moving Bricks

Unemployment may be at an all time high, but today Mike Vick’s lawyer said in bankruptcy court that the former Falcons’ quarterback already has a gig lined up. After his release from the pen, Vick’s going to work 40 hours a week in construction. Guess Animal Control was out of the question.   

Props: TMZ