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?uestlove on the Jimmy Fallon Set (Part 3)
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Here we go again. The shaky cameraman is back at it again as the leader of the band breaks down what late night hell is all about.
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Dungeon Family Movie On The Way

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In life, there are a coupla things that I’ve come to grips with:

1. There is no Santa Claus.

2. The Knicks will probably never win a championship.

3. Big Boi’s solo debut Sir Luscious Left: The Son of Chico Dusty will drop after the second coming of Christ.

Nonetheless, in the clip Andre’s patna’ tells UNN a Dungeon Family movie is in the works and that Sir Luscious will have 16 tracks. I’ll believe it when i see it.

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Kanye Clips The Clipse’s Wings?
Clipse KW

A few weeks ago this Entertainment Weekly article promised that the new Clipse single “Kinda Like A Big Deal” would be released on Monday March 9. Well as you can see that hasn’t happened yet. What’s the hold up? Well the streets are saying that the song’s guest Kanye West is considering keeping the song for himself to be used as the theme song to sell his new Air Yeezy shoe. Damn ‘Ye how could you be so heartless? Ha!

Sidebar: All may not be lost for the brothers Thornton who I heard recorded a hot collabo with Cam’ron “Mr. Promo” Giles that’s produced by Pharrell.

Big Daddy Kane x Scion Documentary
big daddy kane card

As reported here yesterday, automaker Scion produced a documentary short called BDK on iconic rapper and former Playgirl model, Big Daddy Kane. Apparently, the entire 16 min flick is available online, but can’t be embedded. So make like a movie ticket and rip it apart.

“It’s crazy how they changed Brooklyn all around man. It’s like you come out here and seeing Starbucks and all types of other lil’ goofy ass stuff