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Five On It: WSHH Edition

My video players are actin’ up. Again! Oh well. Link it up, son!

Killa Cam’s latest street visual

B.Dot’s favorite rapper salutes one of the elements of hip-hop

Triple C beatdown by “friends” of Pimpin’ Curly?

Khaled and Ross mobbin’ in Philly

Detroit goons who allegedly got into it with Jim Jones at a concert last night.

Bonus: Miss Info has Da Capo’s response later today.

“Xtina Mili-Blonde” Denies Engagement
Dream Milain

Apparently, Ms. Milian went in on her MySpace (Can’t find the actual link) and denied that her and Dream are gettin’ hitched. I can’t keep up with these crazy kids. I still say they’ll be married by the fall.

Props: Gyant

Bonus: This is a demo for what’s rumored to be Christina’s next Radio Killa single, “I’m A Cheat.” SMH.

Kid Cudi Intv: Why He Got Down With Universal Motown?

Writer: Tracy Garraud

Kid Cudi is living the indie dream. A name once uttered only within the underground scene, Cudi got his cake when the eccentric yet oddly emotive, “Day ‘N Nite”—off his mixtape A Kid Named Cudi—dipped him into mainstream’s radio-friendly pool. During the summer of ’08, Kanye didn’t bet against success for the 25-year-old and immediately reeled the Kid in to work on 808s and Heartbreak while also signing him to G.O.O.D. Music. But that’s just the basics. Cudi’s still got ink stains from a fresh Universal Motown deal, is currently recording his debut Man on the Moon: The Guardians, and is building a lengthy list of check-happy extracurriculars.

Quincy Jones Tribute (Part 3)


YN is not quite through, here’s 10 funky Q breaks for you.

“Summer In The City”

{mp3}03 summer in the city{/mp3}


{mp3}07 hikky-burr{/mp3}

“Up Against The Wall”

{mp3}15 – quincy jones – up against the wall speak ya clout{/mp3}

“The Slender Thread”

{mp3}16 the slender thread{/mp3}

“Kitty With The Bent Frame”

{mp3}08 kitty with the bent frame q.u. hectic and shook ones pt. ii{/mp3}