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Dress To Impress: Bawse!


“This shit is for ballers only.”

DJ Smallz shows off some samples from Rick Ross’ new Luxury Tax clothing line.

Um… I’ll pass. Looks like some cheap-ass T-Shirts to me. 

Salute: Sermon

Late Pass: 50 and Ciara Still Dating
50 Ciara

According to some Sin City snitches, Curtis is still snugglin’ up with Ciara. 

“Hip-hop couple rapper 50 Cent and singer Ciara, taking in “Zumanity” (New York-New York) on Saturday and “O” (Bellagio) on Sunday. 50 cent wore an afro wig, baseball cap and sunglasses, while Ciara sported a huge pair of trendy shades and a big parka jacket. The two arrived just as the show began and entered through the back of the theater with the help of their bodyguard. Ciara had a snack attack at “0,” ordering Sour Patch Kids, Snickers and plain Hershey’s chocolate bars. They left just before the performance ended.”

A wig? Wait that wasn’t Curtis that was Pimpin’ Curly!

Props: Bossip via Vegas Confidential

Incidentally, I heard Boo Boo shot a PC ep out in Viva land with a bevy of beauties. Promises to be entertaining.

New Music: Kanye West on DJ Class “I’m The Shit (Remix)”
Kanye West

“Get Perez in the back.”

I was listening to Hot 97 when suddenly… DJ Enuff was playin’ one of those heavy dance BPM sets that aren’t my cup of tea when the voice of Kanye West came in the mix. Thankfully, RGP never sleeps.

Here’s Mr. West on the remix of the B-More house heat rock, DJ Class’ “I’m The Shit.”

{mp3}02 kanye west im the shit{/mp3}

“I got them Yeezy’s on my feet/ I got them Louie’s in the store/ And I dropped another album/ Before we finished up the tour/ And it’s still top 10 ’bout 15 weeks later/ So that’s a middle finger ‘fore you 808 haters.”

Props: Big Spanish

Now you kids run along and get that dirty CDQ for me. Thanks. Ha!

Update: That was fast! Legend!


It actually sounds better clean to me.

New Music: Cassie x Akon “Let’s Go Crazy”

“My Ciroc is on the rocks and it’s always Double/So I can lose control I like it baby when I stumble.”

Here comes Cassie again with the Drunken Hot Girls anthem “Let’s Go Crazy” featuring Akon. The voice is still fragile like a young child and the track is straight Pussycat Dolls but who could stay mad at such a cute face. Huh? Not me. Not Diddy. Guess this album’s really coming whether we like it or not.


I rather rock with the other joint. It’s far from classic but it’s listenable.

Old School Salute: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince


Go wake your granddaddy up from his afternoon nap. Here’s rare footage of Jazzy Jeff proving why he’s the greatest DJ behind the 1’s and 2’s. Tell ’em I said that! Fuck Serato. Ha! And oh yeah, the biggest actor on the globe, Will “Fresh Prince” Smith is in the house too. Peep mo’ vintage madness after the jump!

R.I.P. Eazy-E: March 26, 1995


There’s nothin’ more gangsta than doin’ an intv in your bathrobe in front of KRS-One. Take that Ghostface Killah!

14 years ago today, we lost Eric Wright to AIDS. Hip-hop will never stop celebrating the life of the West Coast legend. Some of my favorite videos from the O.G. after the break.