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Public Enemy Animated Movie?

MTV reports that Public Enemy are in talks to produce a full length animated movie based on their comic book.

“The first ‘Public Enemy’ graphic novel collection comes out in May and there is a lot of interest from Hollywood…It would definitely be animated,” our source confirmed. “There is lots of talking going on.”

The irony is that Flav’s already a cartoon, so it’ll be intresting to see how they pull this one off. 

Its The Real: The Craziest Things We’ve Heard All Week (Teaser)


Just in case you missed it, The Rosenthal Brothers have fully officially gone Hollywood. Check out the teaser for their new vid dropping this Wednesday featuring the Chairman of Comedy.

“You know what sucks? My nickname is Nick! It’s like, you know, having your birthday on Christmas. Two celebrations, one present.”

T-Pain Admits He Busted His Ass

T-Pain returned to Lil Wayne’s I Am Music tour on Sunday and admitted rumors of his golf cart accident were true.

“There’s a lot of talk that I flipped over in a golf cart,” he told the audience. “That’s f***ing true.”

“It did happen like three days ago,” he went on to say. “My ass is on fire right now. My side hurt, my mouth hurt.”

“I bust my ass. I’d show you the marks, but I don’t wanna pull my pants down right now.”

“I got my teeth fixed the same day. Rich ni**a teeth.”

 “If I was any less of a showman tonight, I apologize.”

Props: Rap-Up

One Auto-Tune singer don’t stop no show however, Lil’ Kim spent the weekend shootin’ her video “Download” without him. Check out her feign concern after the jump.

All Praises Due To Bill Withers


If you don’t know who Bill Withers is then go do your research. OK I’ll help you a lil’ bit. Dude is one of my favorite musicians of all-time so needless to say I’m amped about this upcoming documentary on him. Apparently, it debuted out in Austin during SXSW but I missed it. Where the fuck I was at? I lost!

Props: SpineMagazine via On Point

Queen Latifah’s Birthday Party

Don’t think there’s ever been so much female rap royalty in one place. Missy, Lil Kim, Yo-Yo, Rage, MC Lyte all pay respect to her royal highness at her born day bash last night. Look at Ms. Whitaker gettin’ her hostess on—that’s my Miss Rap Supreme. Ha! 

Thanks to producers Cool and Dre’s twitter for the tip. Ha!


cooi and dre


On the hunt for good performance footage and will add when I find it.

Weezy Likes Keri’s “Vagina Tight”

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Friday night, Keri Hilson was on Jimmy Kimmel and she brought her lil ass-slappin’ buddy, Lil Wayne a.k.a. the #1 rapper in the game. Hey, I’m just statin’ facts I didn’t put him there. Anyway, watch the king of Late Night bust out Birdman Jr. for his raunchy lyrics. Who knows what Wayne ever says, right?

As you can see, this is the debut of the RR TV Tuner cards. That’s right, Rip Game Proper (Telemundo Style). Step to the rear, Mr. World Premiere. Ha! I’m just jokin’. Jokes! No shots as you kids say.

Props: Crystal “No Commercials” F. Home team!