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2Pac’s Biopic Paperwork

Somehow, the homie Scott over at WoooHa got his hands on the legal documents concerning Afeni Shakur’s suit against Morgan Creek Entertainment.

“The document goes on to mention how Morgan Creek entered the

discussions in 2008 as both sides negotiated deal points in a draft but

still no verbal or written agreement or approval to move forward. But

finally, only after Notorious opened well did Morgan Creek

say they agreed to the terms and that it was binding. Amura

Entartinament argues they never had any such agreement.”

Com’on now, don’t go making your G’s in a sleezy way!

Juan Epstein: Reflection Eternal


Fun Fact: YN was the first guest on Juan Epstein. Now there’s no Juan Epstein without guests. Multiple shots! Anyway peep Cipha Rosenberg’s latest rap nerd fest. This reminds me that Kweli and Hi-Tek also performed “The Blast” live on Green Lantern’s Sirius show last Monday that I co-hosted. They also broke a new song. I think I finally ripped it right from that night last night. Ha! Stay tuned.

Props: Don’t Get Gassed

Deeper Than Rap Listening Party Footage


Guess the tape recorders and the flip cams were out all reckless last night. Ha! Internets. It’s your dude Dallas Penn. Internets. He’s got some crazy footage from last night. Internets. After the jump, also check out more footage from Cyrus from SOHH and the tracklist of the 9 songs that were played.

Maybach Music 2 (No CDQ)

I wasn’t even at the Rick Ross listening party in NYC. But you know I know a lotta folks in high and low places that were in attendance. Boy looka here. Here’s what I found in my in-box.

“Maybach Music 2” (Re-Run Recording)

{mp3}maybach music 2- rough version{/mp3}

And for the record, wasn’t no one from my team.


Wait, Wayne’s opening line:

“All black Maybach, I’m sittin’ in the asshole”


Jim Jones Documentary Review

Besides Jomo’s play, there’s a documentary that he and Dame Dash have been workin’ on for awhile now. A special screening of This is Jim Jones took place today for us media types and one woman seems to have taken the most thorough notes.

“Chapter 8 shows Jim and Dame with their adorable sons shopping at Niketown (dropping $3000 in one hit) with Dame telling cameras