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Hot Boys On Stage Reunion

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The homies at the TSS just put me on to this footage. Uploaded by Forbez DVD a couple days ago, it’s Juvenile and B.G. joining Lil Wayne on stage during his I Am Music Tour. You can even see Drake on stage. Check out Weezy bowin’ down to Juve and Baby huggin’ B.G. Never thought I’d see that again. Too bad this reunion ain’t never gonna happen. Belie’ that © Birdman

Ron Browz, DJ Webstar & No I.D. Speak On “D.O.A.”


Auto-Tune’s poster boys phone in with NigelD and address Shawn C.’s Napalm Bomb, “D.O.A.”

Yes, gentleman using Auto-Tune in 2009 is trite. To quote Mr. Dennis Coles, “Get your own shit and be original!” How can the music evolve if everyone is doing the same thing? What works for the goose doesn’t always work for the gander. You see Webstar, even if your record plays on the radio every five minutes, it doesn’t mean that it’s good. What it means is that it’s locked into the listeners memory thanks to repetition. “Dancing On Me” may be your only record using Auto-Tune, but I doubt the other songs are raising the bar in hip-hop. There’s nothing wrong with “dance” records, as long as they’re not executed cheesy. As for Browz, I think your hip-hop contributions are best left on the MPC. But hey, what do I know. I’m just a rap fan.

After the jump, No I.D. adds his 2 Cents.