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Russell Simmons Pays Tribute To Jay-Z

Pardon Uncle Russy’s tardiness, but I gather Hov reaching his 11th #1 album has finally impacted him. Now this what the fuck I call a delayed reaction. Here’s a sample of his new GG blog: Looking back at his amazing career, it suddenly dawned on me, that in a hundred years from now, we’re gonna be talking about Jay-Z.  When we think of hip-hop, we will think of Jay. But what is even more important than his album sales, is […]

New Music: Rihanna “Russian Roulette”

“So just pull the trigger.” Barbed wire across the boobs? Ouch! As far as the music goes, a lot of bass, sultry, theatric… Ok, I’m wit it. But then again, I already got my Team Ri Ri jersey on. Ha! Props: Mr. X Bonus: Splash got the instrumental. Think you can sing better, songbird? Knock yourself out!

GFK On Hip-Hop’s Metamorphosis

“Our DJ’s don’t make it no better neither…You gon’ talk about we need to hip-hop back, but yet you the muthafucka that spinning the shit 100 times a day. And then when we ask why you spinning it, because ‘Yo, that’s what the people’s calling for.’ They wouldn’t be calling for shit if you wasn’t playing it.” Basically, it’s a trite subject, but Ghost always brings a fresh perspective. Here he speaks on the culture’s devolution. Starks is right, we […]

Rihanna’s Album Is Rated R!

So after all this foolery, I just got a press release saying Ri-Ri’s album is called Rated R. Yup, the same info leaked months ago. The fine folks at IDJ deny that the image above is the final cover. Isn’t it time for the single already?