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Eminem’s Prelapse Special


Think the very beginning of Eminem’s Shade 45 Prelapse special is missing here. But what is here is pretty interesting. Peace to the Daddy Reef gettin’ his O.G. Source Music Editor on. Listen up.

DJ Quik’s Production Secrets


“Not Fruity Loops, bitch”

Moog and SP-1200 machines, mic pre-amp talk, yup this is some true producer geek shit as DJ Quik gives up some good tips. Hey young trackmasters, you’re all welcome!

A lot more revealing than this shit.

Busta Rhymes Says He’ll Never Retire


“All them dudes that talk about retirement and shit—God bless ‘em. I’m not one of them dudes. When you’re in this business as long as me, you’re gonna retire to do what? I love what I do so much, I don’t foresee retirement ever. I’m probably gonna be one of the first muthafuckas on some Quincy Jones shit. I want to be able to put out a Q’s Jook Joint when I’m 65 years old.”

I hear you Bussa-Bus. No beach chair for YN either. Ha!

Props: HHO