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New Video x Music: Rick Ross “Cigar Music (Trailer)” x “Cigar Music 2 (Snippet)”


Here’s a double shot of Ross. Above is the trailer for the Officer’s upcoming video, “Cigar Music.” Below, is Game’s verse from “Cigar Music 2″ off Ross’ next album, Teflon Don. Word on the curb is that the song also features Nas. Wheew. Got that? 10-4.

{mp3}ross cigar music 2{/mp3} 

Props: 57th Ave

More Unreleased Rick Ross

The 305 unearthed another seven year old cut from Officer Ricky. I’ll let them tell it:

“So, I got my hands on the original intro and title track to the 2002 version of Port Of Miami album

that never came out – the same one I mentioned a couple weeks back. I

can’t confirm, but I’m 90-percent positive this was produced by Just

Blaze (I twittered Just Blaze so he could confirm or not – let’s see if

he responds). And it was recorded in 2002 as was heard in his second

verse “2002, true…I’ma let ya’ll fools now when and what I’ma do.” You

also notice that the track begins with newsclips from local WSVN

Channel 7. Those clips might sound reminicent of the intro track to the

official Port Of Miami that did came out, where K. Foxx

re-recites something similar to those WSVN audio bites.”

Ross’ flow was definitely 718 tinged back then.

{mp3}unreleased port of miami{/mp3}