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New Music: Juelz Santana “Days Of Our Lives”

“Patience is a virtue.”

Here’s the full CDQ version of the joint Juelz shot a video to awhile back. He claims it’s the first single from his Def Jam album, Born to Lose, Built To Win finally droppin’ this fall. We’ll believe that when we see it at Best Buy. Bye-bye.

{mp3}01 days of our lives{/mp3} 

Props: Kingsley Osei

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Clipse x Kanye West “Kinda Like A Big Deal” Video (Behind The Scenes)


Guess not everyone’s partying in the rainy Sunshine State. VA’s hardest hooked up with Yeezy in do-or-die Bed Stuy this weekend to shoot the visual for their big comeback single. MissInfo.TV‘s Mikey Fresh got some footage.

Sidebar: Don’t you miss Kanye’s mullet? I know I do.