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Busta Rhymes Live at B.B. King



Funk Flex had a lil’ Easter jammy-jam last night. Kid Cudi. Fat Joe. And plenty of others, including Mr. Live MC 101, Busta Rhymes touched the stage. Yup, I missed it too but let’s pretend we were there.



A taste of Cudi after the jump.

Rappers Are Liars: The Fat Boys Edition
Kool Rock

First, Bishop tries to pull the wool over B.Dot’s eyes, and now even the legendary MCs are gettin’ their fib on. I just came across this:

“Man, you know it was like two decades since I been in the game. To get in the studio and do a track with Jay-Z on it was a great feeling man,” Kool Rock told in an exclusive interview. “That’s right, me and Jay was laughing about his line ‘First the Fat Boys break-up’ [from the track ‘Heart of the City‘] and he was really happy to see we back [again]!”

Big nigga please. As you’ll hear below, he basically sampled Hov’s vocals from “Izzo” that’s not a collabo—that’s a rich nigga lettin’ you eat. Respect Carter.

“We Can Talk”

{mp3}aawe can talk{/mp3}