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New Mixtape: B.o.B. “B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray”

…Talent wise. He’s, like 20 years old and the dude fuckin plays guitar, the keyboard, he writes raps. He’s not only good in writing songs in the sense of just raps, but hooks. He’s fuckin insane. He can sing.. I just worked with him a few weeks ago in the studio and I’m like, ‘ Do you fuckin dance, too? Jesus Christ!‘”— Eminem, XXL, June 2009

Download now. Tracklist after the jump.

Update: No DJ Version! 

Props: BC via TSS

New Mixtape: Dustin Prestige “Houston Presto Vol. 1”

Around the time we launched three months ago, this song impressed YN and I enough for an industry co-sign. Since then, Dustin’s gotten the thumbs up from journalist Maurice Garland and Killer Mike. Not bad, eh? Well, today he finally dropped his debut mixtape and wants you to download it. I’d recommend it. (Don’t let me down, nigga!) Tracklist after the cut.