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New Mixtape: “Best Rapper Alive?” (Royce vs. Weezy)

Trackstar the DJ along with the folks at TheSmokingSection bring us Best Rapper Alive? (Royce Da 5’9 vs. Lil Wayne) where Nickel Nine and Weezy F. go head-to-head over the same beat for the best rapper alive title. 12 rounds of lyrical assault begins after you download here. After the jump, catch the tracklist as well as an audio stream. Ding!

New Mixtape: The Salaam Remi Collection

One of my former students, Brendan Frederick runs a quality blog called Uggh… Nice Watch. Too bad he has a hard time keepin’ it updated since he’s a lil busy kickin’ ass as the Deputy Editor of Complex Media. Well instead of trick and treatin’ this past weekend, he brought his site back with a few self-made mixtapes. Of most interest to the RR audience, The Salaam Remi Collection highlights the work from one of hip-hop’s most underrated trackmasters. You […]

New Mixtape: Mike Posner “One Foot Out The Door”

This deserves a tardy pass. But hey, better late than never. Over the last few weeks, I’ve familiarized myself with Mike from his various gigs throughout the city. His music’s good and stage presence, even better. With that said, check out his latest mixtape, One Foot Out The Door. Thank me later.  Download here, tracklist on the other side.