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RR Exclusive: Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Carter!

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Do you know what today is? It’s Jay and Beyonce’s anni-ver-sary. Yep, the Honeymoon is over. Traditionally, paper is the gift couples give each other after the first year; but we’re sure Bey and Jay already have enough of that. So to celebrate, YN dug in his bag of tricks and found rare footage of Shawn looking for love in all the wrong places.

“Ah man, Jay-Z please man. You on some ol’ love mission man. Com’on, man.”

True Story: April 4, must be a popular date in hip-hop. 14 years ago, 2Pac married girlfriend, Keisha Morris while locked up in Clinton Correctional.

RR Exclusive: Jay-Z “Renegade” (Unplugged)
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“Che Guevara with bling on/ I’m complex… (Like Dok Noh) Ha!”
I can tell you how I got this but I’d have to kill ya. Ha! Enjoy!
Sidebar: As close as I can get to an Eminem exclusive. Smh.
Throwback Video: Nas Post Summer Jam 2002 Interview

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Deep in YN’s hip-hop treasure trove comes a candid interview with Nas at the height of his battle with [insert any rapper/ DJ here]. At the 4:22 mark, Nasir throws Funk Flex off the train.

“From my understanding he was mixing at gay clubs. Now he’s mixing on Hot 97.” Ouch.

After the jump, he talks about the conspiracist Hot 97 and his foiled Summer Jam plans. Smarten up, Nas.

Throwback Video: 50 Cent’s Jimmy Kimmel Debut

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Yup, I possess a lot of things. Hey late night: Here’s Curtis! A throwback jersey-rockin’ 50 makes his network television debut on Kimmel along with an all-star cast: Al Michaels, The Rock, and Snoop Dogg. Six years later and still pretty funny.

Check for performances of “In Da Club” and “Wanksta” after the jump.

Throwback Video: Suge Knight’s New Death Row

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“One thing everybody knows is this: There’s not one person out there can sit up here and say they slapped Suge Knight or punked Suge Knight.”

Anybody remember MTV’s news show, The Wrap, with the homie Gideon Yago? Prolly not. But this will take you back. Oh how things done changed. Lots of Crooked I, support for Ja Rule, and as far as the statement above, um… Crystal, can you change you my cell #?

RR Exclusive: E!’s Candy Girls Clip

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Yup, YN knows a lil something about video chicks. Here’s an excluisve clip from the fourth episode of E!’s Candy Girls which airs on Sunday’s at 10:30 EST. Pretty girls arguing over fried chicken? Must see TV!